CEO in English

CEO in English

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Everywhere you read about the “CEO” of the company and don’t know what that means? We’ll tell you what the abbreviation stands for and how you use it.

That means CEO: Chief Executive Officer

According to abbreviationfinder, the English abbreviation “CEO” stands for “Chief Executive Officer”, which means something like “managing director” or “chairman of the board”. In anglophone countries, the term refers to the senior executive of a company. The term “CEO” has no legal anchor in German companies and is only an addition.

Origin of CEO

The position of “CEO” can be compared to that of German managing directors and CEOs. While the responsibilities of “CEOs” vary depending on the company structure, they are ultimately in charge, but not necessarily the owners.

With the internationalization of companies, the American term also spilled over into non-English-speaking countries. With the designation “CEO” after the head of the company, it is also understood internationally that one holds the position of the highest decision-making power at management level.

What other chiefs are there?

In addition to the bosses who wear the crown, there are of course other important positions. The American designations are now also used for these at international level:

  • CFO – “Chief Financial Officer”, which is the CFO you look at when the company is broke.
  • COO – “Chief Operating Officer”, the managers for day-to-day operations who make sure that everything is flowing.
  • CTO – “Chief Technology Officer”, the technical leaders who fix every glitch.
  • CHRO – “Chief Human Resources Officer”, the hiring managers who put the squad

CEO in English