Ceviche in English


Few words can be written in many ways as Ceviche: according to the dictionary of the DigoPaul is valid write ceviche, cebiche, seviche or sebiche.

The concept refers to a typical dish of the American continent that is prepared with seafood or raw fish and marinated with sour orange juice, acid lime or lemon. Cut into small pieces, shellfish and fish are also often marinated with peppers, onions, and other ingredients.

Ceviche is traditional in countries that have coasts on the Pacific Ocean, such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico. The ways of preparing ceviche vary in each nation, as do the chosen accompaniments.

In the Peruvian territory, the ceviche is part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation as recognized by the State. The preparation emerged in the pre-Columbian period, about two thousand years ago. Currently it is one of the most famous dishes of Peruvian cuisine.

The fish ceviche (made with mackerel, flounder, grouper, bonito and other species), the ceviche of shrimp and ceviche of black shells are some of the types of Peruvian ceviche. It can be accompanied with corn (corn), yuca (manioc) or rice, for example.

Salmon and corvina in Chilean ceviche; and the octopus, squid, crab and lobster in Ecuadorian ceviche are other ingredients that can be used in making ceviche.

It should be noted that restaurants specializing in ceviche are known as cevicherías. These establishments are often located near the coast to take advantage of fresh fish.

Chicken Ceviche

While most people associate the term ceviche with seafood, such as seafood and fish, this dish that originates from Peru can include a large number of main ingredients, one of which is chicken.

Ceviche falls into a very particular category, which some people call “neutral”, since it can be combined without any problem with many others, and that is why it opens the doors to the creativity of those who want to savor it frequently.

To prepare the chicken ceviche, the following ingredients are necessary:

* ten lemons;
* three chicken breasts;
* two medium onions;
* three cloves of garlic;
* cooked sweet corn;
* two chili peppers;
* fresh coriander (one branch) or, failing that, parsley;
* cumin, salt and ground black pepper.

Once the ingredients are gathered, it is time to prepare. The first step is to clean the chicken breasts, for which it is necessary to remove the fat, the skin and, most importantly, the bones and cartilage. Next, we must cut it into small pieces and season it to taste with the aforementioned spices.

Then you have to chop the garlic as much as possible, squeeze the lemons and put everything in a bowl, along with the chicken pieces, taking care to prevent the lemon seeds from falling. Let it rest for about an hour, so that the citric acids act on the rest of the ingredients, and the flavors merge.

Meanwhile, we can chop the coriander (or parsley, depending on availability), chili peppers and onion, three fundamental elements of this ceviche recipe. After the period of the previous mixture, we add these chopped vegetables together with the sweet corn, we stir everything until homogeneous and, voila, the dish is ready to be savored.

The chicken ceviche can also be prepared with lime, instead of lemon, although the latter is preferred so that the recipe is more faithful to the original. The important thing is not to use vinegar since, although it also allows the chicken to be cooked, the flavor changes considerably.