Chef in English


Chef is a term that comes from French and refers to the chef. The concept is used, in everyday language, to name the person whose profession or trade consists of cooking. For example: “My son wants to study to become a chef and work in a fine dining restaurant”, “I am going to invite you to dinner at a new restaurant that has a French chef”, “All the dishes have been horrible: I’m going to complain before the chef ”.

It is possible to establish a hierarchy within kitchens, with positions that have different responsibilities and obligations. So we can talk about the assistant cook, the chef, the second chef or sous chef (who attends the main chef) and the chef or chef.

The chef career has been changing over time. Before, a chef did not have formal studies, but his competence was given by the knowledge acquired through practice or by the family legacy. At present, there are several professional careers related to gastronomy, which equates this discipline with a science or an art.

Such is the value that the chef has gained over time that, at the moment, there are various international awards that come to give name, prestige and recognition to professionals of this type who are considered better, both for his discoveries and advances as well as his exquisite cuisine.

Among the most important awards are the so-called The World’s 50 Best Restaurants which, as their name indicates, come to determine the best restaurants in the world and, therefore, their chefs. Specifically, now among the most recognized chefs for this award are Joan Roca, René Redzépi, Massimo Bottura, Andoni Luis Aduriz Mugaritz and Daniel Humm.

However, one should not overlook the figure of another great chef who throughout his career has become one of the most awarded. We are referring to the Catalan Ferrán Adriá, who for many professionals in the sector is the best in the world.

Specifically, this Spanish chef has achieved such recognition, among other things, because he has brought new techniques to the kitchen such as deconstruction, which consists of making a recipe have the same flavor as always but presenting its components with different textures and aspects.

It is important to note that the chef is not usually directly responsible for the dishes in a kitchen. The chef designs the recipes, chooses ingredients and directs the people who are responsible for preparing each dish. If a diner orders a plate of gnocchi in a restaurant, it will not be the chef who assembles each gnocchi, boils the water, etc., but one of his assistants.

In addition to all this, it should be noted that in recent years there has been a notable growth in the interest of the population for gastronomy. Hence, very important television programs have emerged around the world such as “Master Chef” or “Top Chef”.