Chile in English


If we want to know the etymological origin of the term Chile we have to go to the Nahuatl dialect, within the sector of the Aztec language. There we come across the fact that this word comes from the word chili.

The chili is the fruit of the plants of the genus Capsicum, native to America. It is known in different ways depending on the country, such as chili, pepper, pepper, Peperonchino or chilli. Chili can be used for food preparation, as a coloring and even as a cosmetic.

This fruit or berry can present different colors and sizes according to the variety in question. There are red, yellow and green chili peppers, among others. In all cases, chili peppers harbor a large amount of seeds, especially in the upper part.

The cuaresmeño or jalapeño chili (which, subjected to a drying process, is known as chipotle chili), the manzano or rocoto chili and the habanero pepper are some of the types of chilies that are used in gastronomy.

The rellenos, for example, are a typical dish of Mexican cuisine. These are whole chili peppers that are stuffed with meat, mashed potatoes, cheese or other ingredients, and that are eaten fried.

Many are the dishes and recipes that are prepared around the world with chili. However, among all of them stand out the chiles filled with beans and cheese, the chiles filled with tamarind sauce, the chiles en nogada de tere or the chiles in nogada sauce.

The Republic of Chile, on the other hand, is a country in South America whose capital is the city of Santiago. It is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes Mountains, bordering Argentina, Peru and Bolivia. In addition to its continental surface, it has several island territories, such as the Juan Fernández archipelago and Easter Island.

Continental Chile, Insular Chile and the Chilean Antarctic Territory are the three areas into which this country is divided, which has among its particularities that it houses a large number of indigenous peoples in its territory. Among them, the Mapuche, Quechua, Rapanui, Aymara or Kolla could stand out.

At the tourist level it is important in America since many are the travelers that it receives each year willing to know some of the most remarkable jewels of its heritage in situ. Specifically, the main attractions and charms of this nation are the historic neighborhood of the city of Valparaíso, the Rapa Nui National Park, the city of Sewell that is admired for its mining activity or the religious constructions of Chiloé.

Its wine and dishes such as the pine empanadas or the corn cake become the main symbols of Chilean gastronomy. A country whose emblems are the presidential flag, the coat of arms of the Republic and also the cucarda.

With more than 17 million residents, Chile is among the Latin American countries with the highest level of human development thanks to its high GDP per capita and its good quality of life.