CIA in English


According to abbreviationfinder, CIA is the acronym for Central Intelligence Agency: that is, Central Intelligence Agency. It is an agency of the United States government that is headquartered in the Langley area, in the state of Virginia.

The CIA is responsible for gathering and analyzing information about foreign individuals, organizations, and governments. Said data is provided to other intelligence agencies in the United States for the development of security policies.

The covert and covert operations are also part of the actions of the CIA. These types of operations are carried out with its own personnel, but also with the participation of members of the army and different partners, including those belonging to the private sector.

The origin of the CIA dates back to 1947, when the Office of Strategic Services emerged with the aim of spying on enemy countries after World War II. Its missions include protecting American leaders, fighting terrorism and developing counterintelligence.

Although its number of employees and its budget are secret, in 2013 documents were leaked where it is recorded that the CIA has more than 21,500 employees and an annual budget of 14.7 billion dollars.

In addition to all the above, it is worth knowing other information of interest about the CIA such as the following:
-The US president who made the decision to create it was Harry S. Truman.
– It has its headquarters in Langley (Virginia).
-It is considered a “State within the State”. This is due to the fact that it has great independence. So much so that it should only be justified before the National Director of Intelligence.
-It has different areas and divisions as would be the case, for example, of the Special Activities Division.
-Among the most relevant information that has been published in recent years in different media around the world about the CIA is the fact that it has clandestine prisons scattered around different corners of the planet. These are prisons in which, for example, suspects involved in terrorism are allegedly held. Specifically, it is estimated that it can have a total of 50 prisons of this type spread over Romania, Poland, Kabul or Afghanistan, among others.
-Among the best-known CIA agents is Edward Joseph Snowden, who rose to fame in 2013 for releasing documents classified as top secret on various programs of the National Security Agency.

In its more than half a century of history, the CIA has participated in the planning, directing and / or execution of coups and assassinations for political purposes. He also trained and financed terrorist and paramilitary groups and committed torture, according to documents declassified by the agency itself.

CIA is also known as the Rome Ciampino Airport, the International Council on Archives and the interatrial communication, which is a term that is used frequently within the field of medicine.