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What is Civic?

Cívica is an adjective that is used to refer to the behavior of citizens and the social coexistence of people who make up a society . The word civic derives from the Latin civĭcus , civis which means citizen.

The word civic can also be replaced by the following synonyms: citizen or civil.

Generally, the word civic is used as an adjective that determines all those activities in which citizens participate, as members of a society, and whose attitude shows a degree of maturity, handling of information and respect for all those matters that must comply with the citizens and members of a society.

For example, “The civic attitude of citizens during the presidential elections was exemplary.” “The student protest demonstrated his sense of civility.” “Acts of violence are not civic in any society.”

Civic attitudes take precedence over violence, mistreatment, or disrespect for others as individual and social beings.

What studies civic education

Civic training has been proposed as a tool to teach young students, from an early age, what is culture and what are its different expressions, social values, traditions, the importance of the family, knowledge that must subsequently be developed in order to act as good citizens and for a better society and country.

Therefore, it is that in many Latin American countries civic education studies are of utmost importance, since it is a way of educating citizens under the parameters of acting well and correctly before the society to which they belong.

Civic and ethical formation

Civic and ethical training refers to the knowledge and tools that man must know and put into practice in order for human behavior, in different societies, to be of respect and defense for life, values ​​and human rights. .

Through civic and ethical training, it is desired to achieve the sense of belonging of each citizen for their society and country so that they feel involved and responsible for their actions, their behaviors and develop their ability to reflect on why it is so important and how their behavior as an individual affects a social group.

Consequently, civic and ethical training seeks to teach people to live in fraternity, respecting the rights and duties that as citizens we all have and must fulfill.

Citizen education

Citizen education is the teaching of norms, regulations and even, development of civic, ethical and moral skills with which the citizens of a society are expected to act.

Through citizen training, the values ​​and norms of coexistence, respect, solidarity and cooperation between people are also taught , as well as developing skills on social, political and cultural issues.

It is also a method to promote the analysis, by citizens, of the various situations faced by social groups and determine coherent solutions that promote the social, economic, political and cultural development of a country and the best quality of life of the persons.

What is Civic