Collage!, a ResultóN and Easy Way of Making The Same

On more than one occasion, either because we have seen the need to do it to make a small gift or simply by pure boredom and mental neglect, we have had to make a collage easy with a couple of photos and a sticker to grace. For all those who have so debatable sense of style, we have an easy way to do it with the application Collage! for our Android.

Collage! is presented as an application very simple and functional ARA do those simple Assembly of which we speak. After a simple and explanatory tutorial, we can start with our collage. The application has two versions, that of payment and the free, being this last with advertising. Furthermore, are we limits the use of images and seals to only 3 of the collage and the final size of the resulting image to half size to the paid version, a few limitations that although hard, make that buy the paid version does not make us especially face if you like us and we took advantage of the application.

Apart from import images from the galleries, you can make an image directly with the camera or put one of the seals. We warn that seals are downloaded apart from the application since they are in an external server updatable and weigh 16 MB at present, although if we hurgamos folders we can introduce our stamps, which enable transparency unlike photos. And if you want to do it fast, you can activate an option for that the shake is made an automatic mixing of photos, ideal if you do not want to think too much

With all this, Collage presents as a fairly effective and fun application that most likely is that I like the younger members of the family or want to who do a quick Assembly for the reason that is, such as outings with friends or family gatherings or a getaway from order to abstain. The application of payment costs 1.99€

Wikipedia Mobile Version 2.2

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: David Erosa
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: free and €1.99
  • Category: Tools