Combined Android and Windows Laptop from Asus Leaked

The company behind Padfone teased earlier with a new product, which now briefly is leaked on Youtube.

The company Asus, which already operates in alternative categories for smartphones and tablets, has former teaset with video for upcoming product, to be launched at the forthcoming CES exhibition.

In the erstwhile teaser, was strongly indicated that there was talk of a “Dual-OS”-like device, which is to say, for example, would be able to run both Windows and Android at the same time.

Now, the company has, either on purpose or without, leaked a promotion video for the upcoming product on Youtube. It writes our site via the our site.

There is therefore a convertible laptop that will go under the name of transformer Book Duet and with a model number of TD300. The video, which was originally spotted by our site, is, however, removed again from Youtube.

It seems that Asus has found a quick way tranformer Book Duet can switch between the two operating systems, there is alleged to be in just 8 seconds. Users should only be able to choose between the 2 systems with “one touch”, as shown in the screen shot from the video above.

The video threw unfortunately not specifications from it, so therefore we must arm ourselves with patience, until Asus is ready with a public presentation of the device. Are you interested?