Comment Avoir le Look de Nana Osaki

Cosplay on a daily basis? Not obvious! Moossye offers you some tricks and custos for a look at the Nana Osaki, forgetting the “disguise” option.

Ah this manga… This Nana Osaki… Small Punk fan of Vivienne Westwood which we want to style and daring… But here, cosplay in the street every day, we’re not all for… On the other hand, “punkifier” a bit, looks like either…

Instructions to divert the current fashion, create your accessories, and customize your basic…

You draw what you please!

The basics:

See fashion this winter, not too much worry about the basics! Striped t-shirts, rock silkscreens, dresses, sweaters, corsets, shirts and t-shirts with the sleeves balls, mini skirts, leggings, slim Jeans, fancy, mittens, overlays, fishnet tights… All in tones of black, red, gray and white… The reasons to sting? Panther, checkerboard, Scots, scratches…


Is painted in black and red nails… The earrings are small skulls, crosses, some safety pins, hearts… You can hang a padlock, chain or handcuffs around your neck…

It dons a carelessly knotted tie, suspenders and a studded belt…(Ring Promod – €4.90)

The thick leggings (or the sticky gym if you want to have hot!) becomes our best friend, he adds a gaiter or big socks… We can even exchange the good old black against a Panther, checkered, striped, pattern Scottish… Belt Mim – €4 > >

And why not take along – for example – a bag in leather or vinyl?

For accessories a little more trash, does not hesitate to walk out the door of a goth shop: necklaces of leather, rings, nails… You will easily find your happiness!

The combinations that work?

Everything depends on your body, but in bulk, you can try:

  • Miniskirt, Leggings + socks (which descend carelessly) + Doc Martens (attention, does not associate the miniskirt has a deep neckline, prefer a simple t-shirt)
  • Black dress on a fine sweater, striped Turtleneck + rising boots.
  • Overlay vest and Tee shirt + Jeans slim hole + sneakers + various chains.

Shoes? You’re spoilt for choice! The biker boots version Emily Strange, the good old Doc Marten’s, Creepers, or New Rock, Rangers… And why not converse high, ballerinas or the Stiletto?


Avoid to make tons… The look is already busy like that… You have to choose: either a very present make-up and a discreet look, or vice versa. Just Mascara and black pencil for eyes and a bit of gloss red / pink on the lips. If you want a more sophisticated effect, I invite you to read the tutorial from Linda for a Smokey look.

I customizes:

  • Gives your jeans look more trash: with a RASP or a stone pumice, use him (or pierces him) knees, buttocks and down.You can also rip one of the back pockets.For a slightly more aged look, nothing can replace the good old method of painting tasks: with you to a large brush brush and white acrylic paint (and why not red?), acrylic mixture to water so that it is well liquid then throat in your brush. Eclabousse then your jeans by shaking or dragging your brush along your finger hair.
  • Pick a t-shirt or a simple tank top. Cutting is a few notches with a chisel.You can then to close some of them with safety pins (you can even hang a piece of string between two pin). You just have to wear it over a t-shirt with long sleeves!
  • Shoes can go too! Change the laces, paint them… Follow the advice of Zoopy. For example, you can paint a large skull, a logo to the V. Westwood, a cross, stars…

I create my Accessories:

  • A belt: Direction the hardware store!Buy several string (of different lengths, between 25 and 50cm) silver metal, fairly light.With you of safety pins. It remains you to hang the chain on your jeans / skirt, at the level of the passers-by of belt.(And why not on your sneakers, your hats, your hats, your mittens…).
  • A collar: ‘re back us with our DIY store and our channel!This time you can choose heavier it if you want.Take in enough to make a collar to the desired length. You just use a padlock Silver Clasp and pendant!

Just drop the photos of your look on the forums!


The Nana manga has more in addition to derivatives: rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, watches, bags… All in silver, black or pink tones to Scottish patterns, taking the fetish jewelry of the manga or even imitating the logo of Vivienne Westwood…