Coursera Has Free Portuguese Courses in Foreign Universities

Thanks to the efforts of over 100 volunteers connected to the Lemann Foundation, the Coursera platform has to offer on Monday its first courses translated fully into Portuguese. They are: Introduction to Mathematical Thinking and Strategy for Business Fundamentals. And more will come around.

For those who do not know, Coursera is one of the most visited educational sites away from the world. There are currently over 400 courses on the most diverse areas of knowledge registered on the platform, most of them offered by renowned educational institutions such as Stanford University and the American Museum of Natural History. And the best: all are free.

Brazil is the third country in number of students in Coursera, although the absolute majority of courses require intermediate or advanced English. With the translation work, is expected to increase this number given to students who do not have sufficient language knowledge.

It is expected that by the end of 2013, at least 12 Platform courses are available entirely in Portuguese. Who wants to help find guidance on how to be a volunteer in this notice published by the Lemann Foundation.

It is a task that really requires efforts of many people. In addition to the videos of the courses, it is necessary to move to the Portuguese additional materials. To give you an idea, there is still translating the additional content (exercises, evaluations, etc.) of the courses already available in our language.

Overall, the goal is quite ambitious: in addition to translated courses, the Lemann Foundation is challenged to also encourage the inclusion of courses taught by Brazilian educational institutions in Coursera.