CyanogenMod: Free Android Protects Your SMS from Fellow Readers

Tired of data Scout? Those who use CyanogenMod, should soon get more protection against unwanted spying: in the future simply encrypt SMS thanks to CyanogenMod to let – and without a complicated setup.

Who does not want that others read his SMS, should continue reading quiet… The CyanogenMod programmers want to encrypt just a feature of SMS. To do this they have teamed up with open whisper systems. The company created apps with ample source, Backup SMS and phone calls. Who pulls in the future so CyanogenMod on his Smartphone, can send automatically encrypted his SMS the integrated TextSecure feature of open whisper. So far, the encrypting of messages is not so easy. It will be easier if certain precautions in the operating system are anchored. The only catch: the other must also use the technology. Thereby, it is irrelevant what SMS app is used by the user. “We want every access to advanced, secure communication. This with methods that are so easy and reliable to use as a normal telephone call or a regular text message”, stated that Moxie Marlinspike, a open-whisper co-founder. A disadvantage however remains: before the espionage of metadata is also not immune the encryption of CyanogenMod (the metadata show and others, who sends a SMS who where and when).

The security feature from CyanogenMod to be included by default in CM 11. 10.2 CM is currently running on almost 700,000 devices, CyanogenMod but specifies that it is installed on almost ten million devices and happen every day 15,000 new installations. As the user not to capture need their devices, it could be but still much more.