Cyberbullying in English


The notion of cyberbullying is made up of two terms: cyber (the compositional element that refers to computer networks or the virtual) and bullying (a word from the English language that refers to harassment or harassment).

According to DigoPaul, cyberbullying, also known as cyberbullying, is the use of digital tools to annoy, inconvenience or annoy a person. This type of harassment can take place in multiple ways and in some it constitutes a criminal offense.

An individual victim of cyberbullying may receive emails or telephone messages with attacks or threats; being teased or intimidated on social media; or being a victim of the dissemination of false or private information on the Internet, to name a few possibilities. Those who exercise cyberbullying seek to cause concern and anguish in the harassed.

A stalker can post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram fake photos of the victim, making her appear naked or in sexual practices. You can also threaten her through WhatsApp and email and create a false profile of the harassed on social networks to damage her public image. These practices are part of what is known as cyberbullying.

In recent years, cases of cyberbullying have increased considerably around the world. For this reason, the different authorities have not hesitated to come up with a series of guidelines in order to prevent this type of harassment. Specifically, some of these stand out, such as the following:
-We must avoid sharing intimate photos on social networks or through email and even instant messaging applications.
-You must never publish private and personal data.
-It is important that minors avoid accessing web pages, social networks or other spaces that may be dangerous for their age.
-No less relevant is that parents must make use of so-called parental controls to prevent their children from accessing places on the Internet that can later make them victims of cyberbullying.

It should be noted that cyberbullying is a common problem in schools and universities: many students suffer this harassment by one or more classmates. Cyberbullying can also appear in a work environment and in other social contexts.

A person who suffers from cyberbullying can suffer from depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks and a high level of stress. In addition to the physical repercussions of these disorders, the victim may commit suicide.

If a person is a victim of cyberbullying, it is essential that they follow these tips: –
Report what is happening to their parents, their teachers and the relevant authorities. Not telling anyone is a serious mistake. It is essential to expose the situation to someone you trust because it will be of great help to deal with the problem, to support you and to be your support when taking the necessary measures.
-Do not respond to the attacks of the stalker or stalkers as well as carry out any type of action to take revenge.
-Save and print all the messages of harassment that you are receiving to present them to the authorities and record the seriousness of the events you are experiencing.