Cycling in English


The cycling is the sport that takes place on a bicycle. According to its characteristics, there are different types or specialties of cycling.

Competition cycling is known as the discipline that consists of trying to cover a certain distance in the shortest possible time. The rider who finishes first is the winner of the competition.

When competitive cycling takes place in structures known as velodromes, it is referred to as track cycling. The velodrome consists of a circuit that currently measures 250 meters and is shaped like an oval.

The road cycling, also called cycling route, is performed on asphalt. As the name implies, athletes must travel a certain number of kilometers on roads or routes. The Tour de France and the Vuelta a España are great road cycling events.

If competitive cycling takes place in mountainous areas, the modality is called mountain biking. The most common competitions of this type are those of cross country, which include ups and downs.

In recent years, on the other hand, the specialty of cycling called BMX became popular, which can be developed as a race (race) or freestyle (freestyle, which consists of performing tricks or pirouettes with the bicycle).

It should be noted that cycling is not always competitive. The people who use the bicycle as transportation or perform physical exercise cycling or urban cycling. In many cities this kind of cycling is promoted to minimize the use of polluting vehicles.

Large cities, as well as those aspiring to significant development, are increasingly striving to promote the use of bicycles as a means of transport rather than motorized vehicles. Concern for the environment has grown considerably in recent decades, and this affects almost all the activities we carry out in modern life, especially transport.

Cycling, in all its aspects, is an activity that can offer many benefits to the human being, from muscle development to cultural exchange with people from all over the world, something that it has in common with sports such as football: languages ​​do not They are necessary when there is a physical activity involved, which connects us with our nature and with the world around us.

The reasons why people are inclined towards cycling are many: on the one hand there are those who feel the need to challenge themselves at a competitive level, and that is why they opt for professional modalities; But there are also many people who choose cycling to de-stress, to get closer to nature and keep fit, without pressure.

In any case, before embarking on the practice of cycling, it is necessary to take into account certain issues regarding materials and physical preparation, among others. The first step is to choose the right bicycle for you and for the type of cycling you want to do; If you do not have technical knowledge, it is good to talk to many experts, contrast their opinions and take some time to think before deciding to buy it.

The position is another key point for cycling practice does not become a source of pain and contractures. Although this must be learned by imitation and with instructions in person, the bases are to touch the pedal with the metatarsal, place the knees parallel to the frame of the bicycle and avoid any position of the neck that generates discomfort. In addition, to control the time we spend on the bike, it is advisable to trace the routes previously.