Digi Mobil Launches The Best Bonus Prepaid USB Modem: 1 Gb / 10 Euros Per Month

Customers who don’t want a tie through a contract with a company are the most forgotten by the operators, that it rarely show improvements for this sector and less in the rates for USB modem.

One of the best bonds prepayments are those of Tuenti, 1 Gb for six euros per month, or 3 Gb for 15 euros per month, though not used in USB modem, but now is Digi mobile which comes to cover the space with a new bonus with very interesting conditions.

The new Digi Mobile Prepaid bonus offers 1 Gb navigation to maximum speed by 10 euros per month including VAT, being the most economic bond with the included traffic that currently exists in the market.

In case of exceeding the traffic included in the bonus the speed is reduces to 32 kbps Although you can also hire a extra bonus of 200 Mb for two euros VAT included.

The major drawback This bonus is that you to access it is need to purchase it in a pack It includes a USB modem and a month of free bonus for 35 euros. The pack can be purchased at authorized dealers are there in the operator.