DrCrop, Create Photomontages and Share Them with Your Friends

What photography social networks, and its corresponding applications are on the rise is something that does not surprise anyone, just have to see the large number of options that exist to make a photo, quick filter and publish it on our networks. Today we will talk about an application that falls into this category but offers something different.

DrCrop It is an application that allows us to make pictures and then tweak them but instead of color filters will do it adding objects to make collages quickly. For example we can add to a picture of a friend moustache, afro hair, or anything that you can think of us within the catalog of available objects.

The operation is very simple: We select what we want to add to the photo and then jump to the Chamber where we select with your finger where you want to place them as well as their size and rotation. The only drawback of this system, which works really well, is the lack of support for the use of frontal camera.

If the objects that are available to make collages do not convince us we can create our own to use them either to other users of DrCrop they can use them. The catalog is quite extensive but the ability to contribute and further customize our experience is rewarding.

Once we have made photo be uploaded automatically to the network of DrCrop Although also We can automatically upload it to Twitter or Facebook. That Yes, the setting of this option only can make it from the browser since the application does not offer the possibility to configure it from there.

Allowing us to share our photos and see the creations of our friends can see a streaming with the latest photographs that have been uploaded to DrCrop as well as the most voted by users.

DrCrop is available for free in the Market and also has a 1,79 euros paid version that allows us to add more objects and some other additional option when it comes to our photo mounts.

Drcropversion 2.1.1

  • Version of Android: Since 2.1
  • Developer: DrCrop
  • Download it in: Android Market
  • Price: Free / 1,79 EUR
  • Category: Photography

DrCrop is a social network of photography where users can introduce elements to your photos to make funny collages that can later share with your contacts.