Dropbox Warns, Will Not Reduce Prices

It seems that we are living a war between companies that offer cloud storage call. Google dropped the prices for values ​​semidesprezíveis. Microsoft charges very little for onedrive (former SkyDrive). And Dropbox service cloud over praised the planet? No, Dropbox will have no price reduction.

CEO Drew Houston said during an event there in the United States that loyal users often test “other things” – in reference to competitors – but back to Dropbox after some time.

No doubt it’s that. If you used Dropbox ever in your life, you know that a number of applications using the cloud to save their files. You want an example? The iA Writer, excellent application for creating texts in which I am now typing these words. It specifically works with Dropbox and iCloud, the Apple. Since I have no iPhone, just getting used to rely on Dropbox to access text documents.

Currently, Dropbox offers the highest price for those who want a small slice of 100 GB in the cloud to save files or to back up your computer. They charge $ 99 for the 12-month package. Meanwhile, Microsoft offers the same amount of storage for 50 dollars annually.

Google is unbeatable: $ 23.88 per year, equivalent to $ 1.99 per month. It is true that Google Drive is not perfect, but the collection that arrives monthly in the credit card bill makes you forget all the troubles.

Cloud computing is nothing new. I remember addressing this issue well before I moved to São Paulo, four years ago, when Google started hitting this button. The Dropbox executives also know that turned commodity. So now betting on services that work with the cloud, with the goal of creating a more complete experience.

Recently it launched the Carousel , application for sharing photos folders with friends. It uses the structure of Dropbox. The company also promises to launch an integrated collaboration tool with Microsoft Office. There is still no date for the launch of Project Harmony.

After this cold water bath, you want to keep your precious files to Dropbox?