Early Indications and Future LG LV5 Filtered Image, a New Range Media Android

With all the large terminals presented at this time, in the absence of the arrival of Huawei Mate 9 for early November, manufacturers are rushing the arrival of the middle and lower ranges which complete its catalog each year. Now it seems that LG has a model in the oven, one that supposedly would fit within the Android mid ranges and so far called LG LV5, known internally as LG TBC.

For the time being have not transcended the specifications of the model and we have only seen the design. Since LG is already placed on the market the LG G5 at the beginning of the year, next to a LG G5 is in lower level for some markets, and LG V20 just a month and a half ago, the calendar says that would be a new mid-range to devices, within the meaning of the name, to inaugurate a new category. A new letter.

A design very G5

The design of the LG G5 received much criticism from the moment that unfolded the appearance thereof, both positive and negative. The LG team had to go to the media, even, to ensure it was a metal Terminal coated material to bury the antenna and prevent feared gangs affecting many designs.

Awaiting a fresh new flagship leak, this is roughly what the upcoming #LG LV5 (moniker TBC) looks like… pic.twitter.com/YOcIMiRV6V

— OnLeaks (@OnLeaks) October 13, 2016

LG seems to be convinced that their design is correct because in this new LG LV5 see a sort of twin brother of LG G5 with some external differences. To start, double rear camera is converted into a single central sensor that it does not have the relief of the flagship of the Koreans. A sensor which, however, appears to be greater than of the G5 and which we hope to have more information in the coming weeks.

It is curious that responsible for filtration makes reference to is a new flagship, but experience tells us that not all manufacturers treat the term with the same uniformity. The front, according to the own filter, is slightly curved at the edges, giving a sense of continuity between the screen and frames. A screen that, incidentally, nor do we know what size will be. Yes We see the rear fingerprint sensor, a feature that seems to be mandatory in any terminal that you want to be competitive at this point.

For now we need to confirm with these few data. We know that the terminal there is coming on the way to the market but no estimated date of presentation. Although since the filtered image seems to be press, might that LG has managed to keep it in secret until now and its presentation is very close. We arrive to meet him earlier this month of October?