Effect Jimmy Wales: Wikipedia Manages 16 Million in 48 Days

Despite being one of the most visited sites on the planet to Wikipedia does not put ads on your pages. The foundation responsible for keeping the site up, Wikimedia, is supported only with donations of its members. In the campaign of latest donations, which began on 14 November last year, the Wikimedia proved that a personal appeal of the founder of the site was exactly what they needed to raise a few million greenbacks.

In the half of the campaign the foundation published the partial figures indicate that the average donation was quite high, especially when considering the previous campaigns. The $ 16 million that the site needed to stay in the air and to help the Wikimedia Foundation to support the other projects were achieved in just over a month and a half. There were more than 630,000 donations, directly or indirectly to the foundation, and the average donation amount was $ 22. The space was previously used for the appeal from Jimmy Wales now redirects for a thank you note.

In addition to the success of the campaign donations, Wales also made ​​sure to point out that on June 15 to Wikipedia for 10 years. The founder of the site did not say how many of the 16 million dollars will be allocated to the festivities, but published a page where enthusiasts online encyclopedia around the world can organize their own parties.