Enamels Colorama: Photos, Tips, Colors, Collections, New Release

Enamels made ​​in Brazil present on the shelves, the best known and without question the most purchased are Risqué and Colorama. Both have an equal quality, good length and affordable price, which makes nail professionals and fans enamels lovers of the two brands. The Estaltes Colorama are very dear and has reasons: they are great!

You know how long the Colorama nail polish on the market? Over 60 years. All right, it’s just for female beauty, as women paint their nails since Cleopatra was queen of Egypt, but the Colorama certainly is among the oldest in the market. And acting! At HealthKnowing.com, you can find more than 100 colors and colorless nail polish, shiny, dull, crackle, among many others.

Collections and Color Enamel Colorama

Tans! – Fashion is now in the hands have intense colors and glazes Colorama understand this. There are eight colors in the palette the most green avocado and intense blue, both creamy, who loves having summer color in hands.

Famous! – Bring to your hands a little glamor of the famous nail. The cool thing of this enamel is that it simulates spraying the nail, creating a nail effect decorated in one layer. Enamel creamy glow.

Mysteries of Turkey – the brand was inspired by the east to create new tones to your palette of colors already stuffed. There are eight colors launched, notably the Blue Mosque, a distinctive dark blue tone and Empire, like the nude.

Super Color – All eight colors of the Colorama nail polish collection are varnish and color with gloss finish. Highlights include the name pink pink pink incredible and atomic mustard, mustard color even.

Respectable Public – color chart themed Circo, many competitors followed because the circus was in fashion at the time of launch. The highlight is the great attraction, a middle tone between coral and pink.

Dreamtime – Color base for those who enjoy a simple and charming enameling. The highlights are the color me Me Tweaks, a pink tone in pink, but pale, and Walking in the clouds, a compromise between brown and pink.

Price Colorama Enamel and Where to Buy

The Colorama Enamel costs on average R $ 3.50 per glass, which can be sold in packaging independete but can still be found in special collections, especially at release time.

Online shops sell the item, such as pharmacies, supermarkets and other similar establishments.

Tips to Paint the Nails as a Professional

Want to make home one enameling the same way that the professionals do in the beauty salon? Some tips can help you, how to go removing excess glaze side while passing the brush product. Try to stay on the edge of the nail, but that’s impossible. Sooner or later you will blur and will need to take over. Take as much as possible with the tip of a toothpick with acetone will make your work easier and then with professional face.

To avoid stains and the usual borradeira enamels, the tip is to put the nails in a little pot with cold water. In less than two minutes your nails will stay completely dry and without sacrifices. Spray drying also helps, but say that the cold water is even more efficient.

Just your enameling? Why not make it shine? Enamels glitter, however discreet it is, it helps to firm the enamel on the nail longer. Even washing the dishes and doing various household chores, brightness helps maintain brand new enameling longer. Some take just because queasiness color.

Opaque glaze? It is common, especially those who submit hands heat. The trick is to spend a colorless enamel layer two days after leaving manicure or paint at home. It helps keep your nails shining brand new.

Use nail polish instead of removing the yellow of dark nail polish on the nail with sandpaper. Sandpaper remove the nail protection, and you can have brittle or weak nails after sanding a bit just to make the white nail again. It is not healthy and the finish does not shine too. Who uses base will only notice the more opaque nails.