Ended 16:9 for LG, LG G6 Will Come with a Screen QHD + and 18:9 Ratio

The fight by become the best smartphone for every season It is more and more fierce. Samsung and Apple competing from a couple of years from you to you without much discussion, while LG climbed enough positions with the LG G4, something temporary as the G5 LG failed to meet expectations in sales or user experience and even forcing an internal restructuring of the company to return to the black numbers.

The maximum hope for LG for this year, at the expense of the LG V30 that to close the season, will be your LG G6 and front have already appears, since before leaving, all a heavyweight: Samsung Galaxy S8. But since South Korea prepare something quite interesting for its future flagship, a feature that could make it very ergonomic: a screen with a 18:9 ratio. Or what is the same thing, 2:1.

The new mode QHD Plus

Will also be reflected on many occasions by its abbreviation, QHD +. Remember that the resolution QHD is which has 2560 pixels wide by 1440 pixels wide. In the case of mobile phones, reversing measures by its vertical configuration. New LG G6 ratio will require changing the density but we will not lose pixels, but that we will win them.

The screen of LG G6 will enjoy from a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels, and its diagonal will be 5.7 inch. Increasing the height of the screen will allow this growth diagonally without having the width of the device is affected, and facilitate its ergonomics. We will have to hold the LG G6 in the hand, but all indications are that he could be more comfortable 5.7-inch model made so far. In the absence of view frames, of course.

A screen of this size inevitably two-handed required your interaction, except in cases of very large hands, so the ratio will not worsen the ergonomics and Yes however facilitate the viewing of multimedia content. A larger surface area, greater content. And given the proliferation of content with ratio 1, 85:1 and 2, 35:1, possibly they benefit screen LG G6 2:1.

Extra brightness to the Sun

This panel QHD + will be LCD and will be in-TOUCH with technology, with the improvements to the touch sensor that this entails. In addition, from LG, they have promised that we will have an extra chute of brightness when we look at the screen in the light of the Sun. It will behave, therefore, as the AMOLED panels, or as the Super AMOLED that Samsung in its terminals.

By the way, we have an interesting novelty for the launch. We were hoping that LG G6 advances to the Samsung Galaxy S8 to beat time and harvest sales before its release, although possibly not be wait so early. Without citing date, although it is assumed, LG G6 should be presented in the coming month. And at end of month is the MWC in Barcelona. Take account.