Attractions in Bahrain

Entertainment and Attractions in Bahrain


According to Wholevehicles, Barbar Temple (Temple Barbar) – the famous monument located in the town of Barbar, is a complex of three places of worship, dated 3000-2000 years. BC e. and placed one above the other. The ruins of two altars and a natural spring, which had a cult significance in the era of the Dilmun civilization, have been preserved on the territory of the complex.

Seyadi House (House of Seyadi) – located in the city of Mukhharak, built in 1905 and is an excellent example of local architecture and traditions.

Complex of “Royal Graves” – located near the village of A’ali and is a grandiose complex of barrows. Here, according to legend, the necropolis of ancient monarchs is also located.

Camel Farm: This farm houses camels in an open area, which gives them the opportunity to be in close proximity to them in a natural setting. There are more than 400 camels here. If you wish, you can ride your favorite camel around the farm.

The natural beauties of Bahrain, combining the sultry desert, sand dunes and unique flora and fauna, cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Mount Jabal al-Dukkhan (“Mountain of Smoke”, 134 m) is the highest point of the island, “well number 1”, around which dozens of oil rigs still rise. Not far from the mountain, in the middle of the hot desert, grows the famous mesquite “Tree of Life” – an age-old tree that miraculously lives in the desert.

The “Tree of Life” is an acacia tree that has stood in the middle of the desert without water for over 400 years, and is called by many the tree from the Gardens of Eden. Probably few people know that according to biblical traditions, it was in Bahrain that the Garden of Eden was located.

Hawar Islands. Imagine a place full of tranquility, with gently swaying palm trees, crystal clear seas and calming sands of a pristine desert. Protected for decades, the Hawar archipelago is a scattering of 16 islands spread out under the soft rays of the sun against the backdrop of authentic Arabia.

Al Muharraq (Al-Muharraq Island) is a picturesque historical island located a few kilometers east of the island of Bahrain. Several buildings with traditional architecture have been preserved on the island – the House of Sheikh Isa Bin Ali Al Khalifa (in 1869-1932 served as a government residence), the forts of Abu Mahir (16th century) and Kalat Arad (16th century)

Handicraft Center is located in the village of Al-Jasra and is the center of attractions and the main tourist area. The women of this village are famous for their skill in palm weaving. The center consists of many rooms displaying various traditional handicrafts such as cloth weaving, earthenware, Bedouin weaving, Kuwaiti busts and traditional dhow (single-masted Arab coaster) models.


Formula 1. Built in the middle of the desert, the Bahrain Formula 1 Grand Prix has been hosted since 2004. The Bahrain Grand Prix is ​​the first Grand Prix in Formula One history to be held in the Middle East. 5 Formula 1 Grand Prix took place on the Sakhir track, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa won two victories each, and Michael Schumacher won one.

Al-Arin Reserve

Al-Areen Wildlife Park & ​​Reserve is a small wildlife park located 27 km from the capital, near the city of Hamad (about an hour drive from Manama). It was opened in 1975 under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Isa Salman Al Khalifa, Crown Prince of Bahrain. The park is divided into 2 parts, one of which is open to the public. The second part is prohibited for visits without special permission. Al-Arin National Natural Park is one of the most visited places by tourists in the country. Its area is 8 sq. km. The natural habitat for 500 species of animals and birds has been recreated here. About 100,000 rare plants grow throughout the park, and the oasis is home to Arabian gazelles, zebras, the Beyza antelope, giant tortoises, desert porcupines, camels, and the Arabian oryx, a rare endangered oryx species. As well as birds: ostriches, flamingos, storks, wild ducks, falcons. There is a cafeteria in the park. The park is open daily: from 8:00 to 11:00 and from 13:00 to 16:30.


Water sports have always been popular in Bahrain, and the ideal weather conditions make it possible to practice your favorite sport throughout the year. Those interested in water skiing, windsurfing, sailing or yachting can take advantage of the services of any of several clubs, many of which also have special classes for beginners.

Horse riding has always been the main passion of the Arab world. Here you can ride famous and thoroughbred Arabian horses, the beauty and humility of which will not leave anyone indifferent.

Bahrain International Circuit is one of the most advanced racing venues in the world, combining state-of-the-art digital systems with modern interpretations of Arabic architecture to create a truly unique venue in the heart of the Persian Gulf.

Riffa Golf Club. One of the leading golf designers, Carl Lytton, who lives in the USA, designed this 18-hole golf course. This golf course allows you to play 9 holes even at night.

Diving in Bahrain

The islands of the archipelago attract divers from all over the world. Warm water throughout the year, coral reefs that fringe the islands, and a rich underwater world provide excellent conditions for diving. About 30 varieties of coral polyps and more than 200 varieties of fish are found here, the underwater world near the northern reefs of Bahrain is especially diverse, and in southern waters in winter, for example, you can even meet sea cows. In addition, the remains of sunken ships and aircraft can be found in the waters of the archipelago. Pearl diving is also very popular.

Events in Bahrain

  • New Year – January 1
  • Constitution Day – December 16
  • National Day – February 16

Friday is a public holiday throughout the Muslim world.

Attractions in Bahrain