Environment in English


Environment is the environment or fluid that surrounds a body, for example: ambient temperature and environment. It can also be said that the expression environment is the air or atmosphere that living beings breathe or that are found, for example: “Today the environment is fresh.”

The word environment is of Latin origin ambiens which means “surrounding”.

Environment indicates the conditions or circumstances of a place, so you can talk about a “good environment”, “auspicious environment” or “bad environment”. A hostile environment refers to the case of a social, psychological or physical environment that violates the well-being of a living being, making it vulnerable.

The environment can be used to identify a social class or sector, as is the case of a professional environment or bourgeois environment.

In the field of literature, environment is a set of particularities of the environment in which a narrative unfolds that can be a romantic, dramatic or historical environment.

In Latin America, they use the expression environment to identify the different rooms that make up a house, such as: “My cousin is looking for a 3-room apartment.”

With respect to the above, the environment can also refer to the night spots that have different themes for living together, such as: “That nightclub has an atmosphere of Latin music.”

Types of environment

There are different types of environment, among which we have: work environment, social environment, family environment, natural environment, physical environment:

The work or work environment encompasses everything that surrounds the worker, whether material, psychological or social.

The social environment identifies all the people in a society or community, the living conditions and institutions that surround it, their well-being and the physical elements that constitute the environment.

The natural environment indicates anything that has not been altered by man and can be used as a synonym for nature.

The learning environment is characterized by being one that is conducive to the student, since it has all the physical, cultural and social conditions to learn.


The environment is the environment that surrounds human beings and that conditions them. It is made up of the nature, society and culture of a certain place and time.

Likewise, the environment is the different physical, chemical, and biological components that act directly or indirectly on the individuals or the environment in which they live.

The impact of the environment has become harmful due to population growth and the excessive use of natural resources by industries. That is why environmental protection must be considered to avoid an environmental imbalance.