Facebook Reaches 70% of Access to Social Networks in Brazil and Google+ Finally Exceeds Chat UOL

Hitwise, intelligence tool in digital Serasa Experian marketing, today announced another monthly report that shows the share of visits of social networks in Brazil. As expected, Facebook continues to grow rapidly in the country and accounted for 70.1% of visits in August. The surprise is for the Google +, which finally surpassed Chat UOL.

Facebook is the social network more accessible in Brazil since January 2012, when displaced the old Orkut, which fell another position in the ranking and now is only the sixth most visited social network. Compared to August 2012, Facebook increased participation in 13.05 percentage points in Brazil. Last month, Brazilians spent an average of 27 minutes and 12 seconds on Facebook.

The YouTube, which has long ceased to be just a video site, remains in second place, accounting for 17.63% of social networking visits in Brazil. After him, the percentages are derisory: Ask.fm third (1.59%), followed by Yahoo Answers (1.49%), Twitter (1.45%), Orkut (1.34%) and Badoo (1.07%).

Google+ has not managed 1% of the market in Brazil, but came close: eighth, it accounts for 0.99% of visits to social networks in the country, finally surpassing the Chat UOL, which fell to 0.80%.

The next step of Google+ is debunking Badoo.