[Fashion Fight] Fluokids Vs Goths

Each are partying until after the night gesticulating in colorful spindles while others squat cemeteries to listen to Ravens cawing.

Today, two tribes, two looks, two worlds clash in a battle without mercy. Fluokids Gothic vs, he can’t stay in one and you’re the one who selected!

At first, it there had a collective: people connected, listening to trendy music in trendy places-no, not the Metropolis. Inspired by the 1980s and

recycling ‘, their overly colorful look quickly notice-normal. A blog and a few articles in Télérama later, the Fluokids becomes a fashion, that of neon, taken up in the clips and the big names in fashion.

Dress code: A look at sleep out at base of Boxer shorts printed way wall in the cafeteria of saved by the Bell, associate has its ups half business half t-shirt exclusive promotion on the set of Stabilo 5 colors.

Lot of barettes and capuch, Heidi Seeker hoodie. Glue gun to water, Tatty Devine. Spit mouth, N2. Loose T-shirt printed logo and printed pants (very high to fall back on the hips size), Diesel. Earrings K7 and necklace 90’s, Punky Pins. Sandal yellow PVC, Melissa. Glasses roses way Kanye West, GirlProps.com. New York, Urban Outfitters bag. Lot of shorty tulle (sold by 5), Undiz. Basketball “fluokids”, Bata.Visual model Pull and Bear.

Strength (s): First the fluokid maintains its shape. If he likes to wear the headbandin sponge, the Freestyle and the “Marathon of Sauvignac in Josace 1989” t-shirt back to jogging, it is not for style, it’s also because it’s a great sportsman. To dance the night slipped into its leopard zone exercise and if he misses the Dance Class of Colette, the DVD of Véronique and Davina, so 80’s, will help to catch up.
Secondly, the fluokid is social, it comes out a lot and slap the Kiss to a lot of friends who are willing to help in the event of conflict: include Teki Latex, Yelle and (the collective) Andréa Crews or potentially 3 ways to bring the head to the square without hands.

Weakness (s): Fashion goes out of style… And even the fluokids, if they want to stay connected, already thinking about a career change. Offer them to loose a few solutions: out the suit in V + sarouel way MC Hammer, the foals or the chainmail.

Black hair, black make-up, black clothes, black thoughts but white complexion: Goths aren’t bad yet they scare old ladies and children. Passionate about medieval times, love, death and the occult, they like to gather in an old abandoned grave goshawks group or a six-pack of beer and a few CD (we do with what we have). They listen to? A mixture of Satanic songs and Celtic music. Certainly, it’s not worth Prince but it discourages people to approach and gets in the mood to invoke the spirits. “Hello!” There someone unnnn? ».

Dress code: Shoes coquees, studded jewelry, piercings, corsets and other frivolities worthy of one of these films of cape and sword which turn to the erotic-demonic sauce (well, what?) Nobody looks at RTL9 after midnight?). The feared Gothic rust in wet weather and sounds for sure by the way the porticos of airport security. Beep-beep-Biiiiiiiip!

T-shirtshirt front lace and varnished boots, New Look. Necklace bat and make-up for eyes, Claire’spalette. Mittens in lace, shop-Gothique.com. Skirt long “Callas” Zuhair Murad for Mango (on mangoShop.com). Belt double bridle, The 3 Swiss.Bracelet, a. Sobral. Coffin, LemonadeAndCrystal.fr tote bag. Death’s head unit and Visual model, PatriciaField.com

Strength (s): Primo Gothic scary and any good professional wrestling in the Mexican will tell us: 75% of a match plays nothing with the costume, bullying and the look.
Second, the Gothic is unloved in his high school is no less boyfriend with black cats, rats and spiders in his neighborhood. Pets (bad) that will run more than one.
Third, and finally, the Gothic is not afraid of blood: already because is more to his first sacrifice of chicken and then because with its red and black look it is safe not to try. Well Yes, you should have thought!

Weakness (s): if the Gothic is attracted by the death and that he believes already some contact with the beyond, too eager to tighten the clamp to the grim reaper and get an autograph at the crossing, it could well run out of fighting spirit.