Galaxy S6 Unbeatably Good?

The Galaxy S6 looks great in his elegant dress made of glass and metal, no question. Whether it makes the competition look technically old or Samsung to subordinate the functionality design, has tested.

The Galaxy S devices of in recent years were technically consistently outstanding, especially high quality they were not always perceived as but because of the consistent use of plastic. With the Alpha series , Samsung ushered a Designwende, finds its completion in the new S-class: Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge have housing available at, consisting almost entirely of metal and glass. Samsung has sacrificed for the replaceable battery and the microSD card slot, also in contrast to the plastic predecessor are not waterproof. Was it worth it? If the Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge are just precious jewelry pieces or technical tidbits, has tested.

Basically, both new Samsung flagships are identical. However, the S6 edge has a display with sides curved down what looks not only clever, but also offers a few extra features. In addition, the battery of the edge has a slightly higher capacity and the unit is 6 grams lighter.Visually, it is superior to the edge, the domed screen looks fantastic and the metal frame has an elegant curve on the sides. The ‘normal’ S6 in the advantage is, however, haptic, the wider aluminum frame is softer in the hand.The thinner part of the edge and the narrower keys feel somewhat sharp-edged.

Scratch-Resistant Back, Super Display

Also the backs from Gorilla glass 4 put a Visual highlight, especially when they shimmer in blue or green. Whether one prefers their smooth surface brushed aluminum, a matter of taste, the fear that she might be too sensitive, is probably unfounded. Corning’s newest mineral glass is extremely scratch resistant, keys or coins in your Pocket can be him not dangerous. Also falls should it survive largely unscathed, how plastic is so resilient but also Gorilla glass 4 not.

Bent or not, the 5.1 inch large display of the Galaxy S6 is great. Not only is the extremely high pixel density of 577 ppi, that would be not necessarily needed for most applications. It glows very brightly, offers very crisp contrasts and beautiful natural colors. Viewed from the side little changes it, merely a typical easier for AMOLEDs green stitch is then to recognize.

Battery No Weakling

A very high resolution charged the battery, which is not too lush down with 2550 or 2600 Mah at the Galaxy S6. But you must not forgo a bright screen. Remained in the test of control at the highest level, the automatic dimmte the brightness not excessively and let shine the screen in sunlight. Nevertheless, the battery even with more intensive use held out at least 15 hours with the display around three hours was active. The runtime was around 18 hours in average.

One of the two modes is also hardly needed, since the Galaxy S6 is rapidly loaded. Around 80 minutes it needed for a complete charge, in case of an emergency a quarter-hour on the power supply or on a wireless charging station is enough to win a few hours run time. As long as the battery is fit, there is therefore no reason to miss a replacement battery. The battery is over, he must be replaced however by a specialist workshop.

Good run time certainly Samsung contributes to eight-core processor of Exynos 7420, which is apparently perfectly matched. If needed, he can deliver lots of power and shows the hoes in the most competitive benchmarks. Hardly surprising that the S6 in everyday makes not the slightest delay or even juddering. Samsung’s ultra fast new USF 2.0 storage is responsible for the excellent writing and reading values, which hardly miss a microSD card slot allows for devices from 64 gigabytes.

Top Front And Rear Cameras

A key selling point in top smart phones is the camera. And also in this component, the Galaxy S6 shows no weakness. The 16-Megapixel camera on the back is extremely smart and makes great pictures even in low light conditions, the full resolution in 16:9-format achieved. In the daylight, the pictures shine through many details, great contrast and crisp, but not exaggerated colors. The chip is as fast as the iPhone 6 HDR can be always active, a delay is not noticeable as a result.

In videos, the camera makes an excellent figure. The optical image stabilizer compensates for very good movements, tracked objects remain always sharp, changing light conditions are no problem. And the software is very first cream. The automatic system is usually a perfect work for specific situations and recordings are practical and meaningful modes available, anyone can set manually also almost all values. Also Samsung has built a 5-megapixel front camera the S6, which is as bright as the rear-view camera with Aperture f/1.9 Selfies and videochats delivers excellent images.

In addition to the iPhones and the Huawei Mate 7, now also the Galaxy S6 has a really good fingerprint sensor.While the user with its predecessor had to delete even with the finger over the home button, a single touch is enough now. The hit rate is top notch, even when hands are wet or eingecremten the sensor detects almost always the fingerprint.

Apps Take Place

With regard to its user interface, Samsung has kept only partial word.Touchwiz has never looked better, the software is simple as its predecessors and fits with its simplicity just fine to the elegant design of the Smartphone. Up on really convenient features Samsung threw many unnecessary features on board, the new smart Manager with quick access to battery, storage, and security is a successful tool.

Is annoying but that only a few preloaded apps cannot be uninstalled, many applications can only be deactivated and thus unnecessarily take away space. These include (147 MB) or the Hancom Office Viewer (105 MB) in addition to numerous small Nervlingen monsters such as Facebook. Overall, as several hundred megabytes come together that could perhaps better use especially buyers of the 32-gigabyte models.

N-Tv Headlines On The Page

The opportunity to show in an inactive display info widgets on one side at the edge is great. These include the headlines and stock quotes by next to the Twitter trends or feed readers. Also very practical: Users can determine five favorites among their contacts, which can be drawn from the side of the display. Thereby, each contact has its own color, in which the page pulsating lights up when the device with the screen lies down on the table. Missed the call, you can respond directly from the page. For both models, it is possible to reject incoming calls, placing the finger on the pulse meter below the photo light.

The bottom line, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is an excellent Smartphone, which looks not only great, but also technical standards. Who do without a removable battery and microSD cards, is currently probably no better Smartphone. The device but not a cheap pleasure is for at least 699 euro. Whether the edge version again is worth 150 euros, each purchaser must decide. The unit with curved screen is indeed exceptional and looks fantastic. It has however not to offer many additional functions.