Global Internet is Slow and Can be The Fault of Anonymous

Well I was wondering the delay with which the pages of our site carry. Very slowly. It may be the fault of Anonymous, the collective of hackers more problematic in recent times. The group members have announced they are promoting a grand attack on several sites hosted in China. As a result, other networks around the world were affected.

On the website of Internet Traffic Report gives to clearly see how the situation is alarming at the moment. For servers in Asia for packet loss in the home of 38% (when I started writing this article was 33%). North America – where multiple servers are located, including the TB – also features loss above normal packages: 24% at the time of this writing.

Although the institute’s website have Europe with loss of data packets in the house of 9%. Australia (or Oceania), and South America were not affected by this congestion in the global network, possibly caused by Anonymous.

For those unaware, packet loss average is used to determine how much data, in percentage terms, are lost in a connection between a computer and the server where it seeks information. The higher, the worse because it takes longer to access a site.

Account on Twitter Anonymous staff makes fun of the situation. In a tweet they are linking to the article Mashable about it and comment that there is “evil laugh”. Indeed, there is no way to know the level of involvement of the collective hacker in this situation.

Akamai Internet company, specialized in distributing content through their network infrastructure, detected 35% increase in attacks on web servers in the past 24 hours. The chart below, provided by the company, confirms the situation somewhat calamitous.

“Dear Chinese government, you are not infallible. Today websites have been hacked. Tomorrow will be your vile regime that will fall. “This is the message that appears on some of the sites intercepted by Anonymous, according to Mashable.