Gmail Has Mild Amnesia and Resets Accounts of Some Users

The servers Google are known to be very reliable in terms of availability. After all, the company makes its billions of dollars and so can keep hundreds of thousands of computers running its services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But from time to time, as well sends to Murphy’s Law, it has a fault. Some of these times are simple, while others are pretty catastrophic.

This weekend one of those failures occurred. Paraphrasing what Google has provided information on the events so far, you could say that the carnival came early for some servers Gmail, who drank too much, woke up in a strange hotel bed without remembering the night before. Or in recent years. That’s what happened to an estimated 150,000 users of the service e-mail Google: they had their accounts reset to square.

Although the web giant says they are already working to restore what was lost and to ensure that less than 0.08% of service users were affected, for those who have fallen into this miserable failure percentage was even catastrophic.

If you were one of those affected, my feelings. Use this topic in Gmail forum in Portuguese to warn of your problem and track the resolution of it in the Google Apps Status Dashboard.