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Among the established web browsers, Google Chrome from the USA is one of the youngest – introduced in 2008, the 89th version is now on the market. Shortly after its appearance, Google Chrome became the most widely used browser in the world. What is special about Google Chrome? How does the browser work and what disadvantages does the user have to expect? You can find answers to these and other questions here.

  • Google Chrome is the internet browser of the US company Google LLC.
  • Google Chrome was the most widely used browser worldwide in 2020.
  • Many Google expansion functions (mail service, Google Earth, calendar function) can be used directly via the browser.
  • Google Chrome synchronizes individual applications on stationary and mobile devices.

This is how internet browsers like Google Chrome came about

Web browsers are special computer programs that display web pages on the Internet or documents or data in general. The term “to browse” comes from English and means something like to browse, browse or look around. These programs were invented by Tim Bernes-Lee at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in Switzerland. In the pioneering days of web browsers, for example, graphics were not opened automatically, but had to be clicked on manually. But that was the beginning of a development that led to today’s modern browsers such as Google Chrome.

What makes Google Chrome different from other browsers?

The most popular browsers at the moment are next to Google Chrome

  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera

In the past, this also included Microsoft Internet Explorer , the further development of which has not been pursued since Microsoft launched the Edge browser (Windows 10 or higher). However, Explorer still runs on older operating systems.

The key difference that Google Chrome has to other browsers is the fact that there is a single process behind each tab. This means significantly faster access to content on the web. If one tab crashes, the others will continue to work properly.

These are the advantages for users of Google Chrome

Abbreviated as GC by abbreviationfinder, Google Chrome is currently considered to be the fastest browser on the market. The multi-process architecture that is used here is responsible for this. Another special feature is that the browser can synchronize search history, website suggestions, bookmarks and settings on your PC with other devices, provided you have a Google account. A PDF viewer for reading PDF files and Flash support are integrated in Google Chrome. This eliminates the need to use third-party software for certain applications. Another important feature is the translator function in Google Chrome, which automatically translates foreign language pages into your native language. This extends the information radius for people who do not speak any foreign languages.

What are the disadvantages of Google Chrome?

The multi-process architecture reveals one of the weaknesses of Google Chrome. The more tabs are open, the more memory is required by the browser. Doing so may significantly reduce the speed at which your computer works. Experts also see disadvantages in safeguarding privacy. Data protectionists criticize the fact that in some areas Google does not handle user data properly. In the past, the company collected data in a targeted manner and evaluated it statistically. However, this has since been downgraded considerably and is likely to be made even more difficult by the new European data protection regulation. In terms of security against unauthorized access and malware. However, Google is pretty far ahead. Nevertheless, there are always security loopholes, which Google quickly closes again.

Download and use Google Chrome

The Google Chrome web browser is free. Due to the instant page rendering used, certain websites are already preloaded. If the user clicks on one of these pages while searching for certain terms, it opens immediately. There is also a warning function for unsafe sites and download traps.

After installing Google Chrome, you can personalize the browser in the Settings area. Rather inexperienced users can safely accept the proposed parameters. The storage of cookies often creates a conflict . This makes site visitors easier and faster. However, cookies can be queried from their creators and your Internet activities will be visible to third parties.

Google Chrome offers a practical solution for this. In the settings area, you can simply activate the item “Delete cookies when you close your browser”.

Google Chrome: Yes or No – an individual decision

Due to the fast page structure and the many additional features such as Google Earth , Google Translate, calendar and mail functions as well as the integrated Flash and PDF viewer functions, surfing the Internet with Google Chrome is a lot of fun. Security-conscious users may have concerns because behind the browser is a large company with one of the most popular Internet search engines. The question of the extent to which manipulations and unjustified data storage are possible and used here can hardly be answered with certainty. However, if you use your privacy settings to rule out all known risks as much as possible, you will find a reliable and fast Internet browser in Google Chrome.