Google Is Preparing a Service Covers Custom 5 Nexus

Google it seems that customization motorcycle Maker of Motorola service liked him very much, as we are told in Android Police would be preparing for Google Play a service very similar so that the Nexus 5 buyers to customize their cover and animated background to have a single device.

According to leaks, this new section in Google Play would be called Workshop (Workshop in Spanish) and it would have two customization tools: MapMe and Moments.

In MapMe the customer can customize the cover and animated wallpaper with a map to the desired location. You can customize the color of the map and add a message on the cover to commemorate something that happened in that place. The wallpaper will show the time, and Twitter messages.

In Moments We can customize the cover of Nexus 5 with the image that we want. In this section it seems that users may make public images of their cases so that users can also buy the cover with that same image.

Apparently still this new service is in development, so it is unknown when available, if it is that it comes out.

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