Google Publishes The Code of Google Glass Kernel Source

The team of developers responsible for the Google Glass project has published on our site the source base This platform that precisely makes use of Android as one of the pillars of its operation.

In particular has been published the source code for the Linux kernel It is used in the project with changes made released under GPLv2 license, while most of the code used in the Android Open Source components make use of the Apache license. In this case only has released the code of the kernel (at least for now).
The release of this code is not a sufficient condition so somebody suddenly get up and to create your own implementation of Google Glass, something for what it takes the rest of the project’s code. In Android is published Yes all necessary code (both kernel and Android additional components), allowing for example that Amazon has made its own fork for your Kindle Fire.

Although theoretically Google will eventually also releasing that part of the source code, currently there are no news if indeed will do so or will be when that step. What is certain is that This will generate more interest among developers, as in the case of Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), development Cydia for jailbroken iOS devices and already confirmed a few days ago that it had modified the software of a version for developers of Google Glass.