Google Search Is Updated to Version 3.1.24 with Small Interface Improvements in Tablets

Google Search It already collects a great importance on the experience Nexus. After the update that he brought the Google Experience Launcher part of devices Jelly Bean (and another good part no more than forced closures) via unofficial, integrating the new desktop with Google Now. Today takes another small step that improves the interface in landscape mode in tablets that we were waiting for some time.

This update, to the version 3.1.24, fix annoying layout of the search of Google Search on the desktop icons bar, when we have the desktop horizontally. In the new version, we have a couple of icons to search via voice and text in the top right corner, disappearing the bar, as well as other small changes.

w current Version, above, compared the new version in a Nexus 7 (2012).

And is that you download this new version, which you can get more down and which is being gradually released by Google, It changes slightly also layout and size of the icons that I have on the desktop, at least on some devices. We have lost a few icons in the process, being now slightly larger a Nexus 7 (2012).

This and small adjustments as the redesign of the launcher settings icon, or new text strings for dialog boxes related to the function of recognition of contact that does not seem to be still active, have been innovations found by the guys at Android Police.