Google Wave Will Not be Developed But Have Reused Code

Announced in May 2009 Durate the Google I / O, Google Wave promised. It was first used by developers who were at the conference, but then went through almost all periods a Google product passes: instability by number of users, closed beta, open beta, attack by spammers and many others. And now his future is uncertain, as it will no longer be developed by the company.
The decision was announced today at the official Google blog. According to Urs Hölzle, senior vice president of operations, the company will no longer devote time or staff in developing Wave as a product, since he did not get the expected audience. Despite claiming that the tool will remain available at least until the end of the year, Urs does not say what happens from next year.

The blog post also says that Google Wave will be treated like an old car that had stolen wheels: part of your code will be reused in other products of the company and other parties have turned to open source projects. This recycling product could have secured some specks with Greenpeace, the organization took into account the bit reuse.

In addition, Google ensures it will make one last effort and create tools for its users to export data to other services.

Rest in peace, Google Wave, born in May 2009 and died of natural causes in August 2010.