Gymondo in English


After a stressful day at work, you don’t feel like going to the gym anymore, but still want to work out? Then the online gym Gymondo may be the ideal solution to get fit and stay slim – with workouts at home.

  • Gymondo is an award-winning online fitness portal for beginners and advanced users
  • Over 75 programs with 900 workouts are complemented by a nutrition plan with 2,000 delicious recipes
  • Different packages are available for three, six and twelve months

What is Gymondo?

Gymondo is an online fitness portal with which you can complete your training units in front of the computer, laptop, smartphone, smart TV or tablet. No sports equipment is required for this. The costs incurred are limited to the subscription for the program. Here you can choose from various packages that always include a free week. Those who take part receive suitable videos for their goal, for example muscle building, yoga or fat loss. There real coaches explain the individual activities in great detail. There are also different exercise variants so that both beginners and advanced learners stay motivated. A total of more than 75 programs with 900 workouts are available.

What does Gymondo cost?

The prices for your own Gymondo program depend on the chosen package. Initially, the start is free of charge with a free training week. This gives you a good overview of how the system works and how the videos are structured. If you want to continue afterwards, you can either choose a 3, 6 or 12 month package. The longest term costs 6.99 euros per month, for six months you pay 9.99 euros per month and if you book quarterly, the online gym Gymondo costs 12.99 euros per month. All offers are billed annually, semi-annually or quarterly, depending on the booking period.

How do I cancel Gymondo?

If you take out a paid membership with Gymondo, the package you have booked is automatically extended by a maximum of another year at the end of the contract period. Customers who do not want this can easily terminate the contract. Written form is a prerequisite for effective termination. You can submit your text to terminate the contract either by e-mail or via the online function provided. It is important to keep the notice period. At Gymondo, this is three days before the end of the respective term. In addition, both Gymondo and the customer have a statutory right to extraordinary termination, which can only be done for important reasons.

Is training alone enough to get lean and fit?

If you want to quickly recognize success on the scales or directly on the body, you should also change your diet during training. Since the concept of Gymondo was created by trained trainers and sports scientists, the focus is on a holistic program that also includes healthy eating. For you as a customer, this means that, in addition to the training videos, you also have access to a comprehensive nutrition plan. There you will find over 1000 delicious recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a supplement and motivational aid, you can create your own fitness profile and enter and track your progress there.

What are the advantages of Gymondo?

For example, the online gym has the following advantages:

  • It can be viewed online, on smartphones and TV apps.
  • The program responds to the participants’ individual goals and schedule.
  • Exercise variations for both beginners and advanced learners are available.
  • The real trainers and their 75 programs are recorded in full HD.
  • 3 x 20 minutes of training per week are enough to see results.
  • Participants can train anywhere and don’t have to drive to a gym.
  • No expensive sports equipment is required for the exercises.
  • For example, the program was voted best online fitness training by n-tv, FOCUS and DIE Welt.
  • The price is low.

The criticism of Gymondo

There are also a few points of criticism to be noted at the Gymondo fitness portal. If you are interested in the free trial week, you have to create a profile including your account details. In addition, the test week can only be booked together with a subsequent training package. Anyone who does not want to continue after the seven-day trial training must submit a written notice of termination, otherwise the paid package will start automatically. Second disadvantage of Gymondo: When using the online training portal, nobody can intervene in the event of poor posture because the trainers are not connected directly on site or online. Sports injuries cannot be ruled out, especially for beginners.