Hashtag in English


Whether Instagram, Facebook or Twitter – the various social media channels have become an indispensable part of everyday life. To get the latest information and to read different opinions on certain topics, use so-called hashtags when searching the networks. You can use these to draw the attention of other users to your postings on the Internet.

  • Hashtags are used in social media.
  • They are keywords that help to find specific topics.
  • With hashtags you increase the visibility of a post.
  • Abbreviations can also be used as hashtags.

What is a hashtag? – meaning and function

Hashtags are words or strings of letters that are used as keywords for certain topics. Always preceded by a hash (#). The use of these symbols gives an image, a tweet or a comment a defined assignment. You either insert the hashtag directly into a body of text or use it as a single term. If users click on a hashtag, they will be shown other posts that match that keyword. You can also use the hashtags to categorize your own publications. This makes it easier for your followers to find your posts in certain categories.

When do you use a hashtag? – Application

You use a hashtag to make your contribution available for keyword searches. There are no limits to the variety of topics. For example, you can comment on your tweet, your photo or your notes

  • the political events,
  • current events or
  • Developments in the media.

The short message service Twitter presents the trending topics in the “Trends” tab. If you want to find out more, you can use the option to easily scroll through various posts and opinions. However, being up-to-date is not always a decisive criterion. Hashtags that designate regions or places are also useful, for example if you want to find out more before going on holiday.

How to use hashtags

To use a hashtag yourself, use the combination of # and the respective word, for example #verivox. If the hashtag consists of several words, they are simply written one after the other or – to make them easier to read – separated from one another with underscores. Important: spaces are not allowed in hashtags! If you want to comment on a major event, you should do a quick research of the trends to find out the most used hashtag in order to increase the reach. Hashtags are also often specified, for example as a fade-in for a TV broadcast.

Instagram hashtags

In Instagram showcase your favorite photos. These can be snapshots of loved ones, wonderful panoramic shots or artistic black and white photographs. The images can be edited and given various filters before they are published. Anyone who maintains a public profile on Instagram is interested in generating as many followers as possible. You can do this by following a few rules when posting. So it is advisable to provide the text field with appealing content. And here you also enter the hashtags. These should be related to the published photo and clearly assignable.

The right hashtags for your Instagram post

The following applies to the hashtags: the more, the better. So a little brainstorming is called for. Which terms fit thematically, which hashtags are users looking for? But be careful – more than thirty hashtags per post are not allowed. If you exceed this number of keywords, the image will be displayed completely without text. Popular hashtags on Instagram are the new words in combination with the abbreviation “insta” (for “Instagram”). For example, you can tag pictures of your meal with the hashtag #instafood, and display travel photos under #instatravel.

These are the top hashtags

Which hashtag is the right one for your posting depends on various factors. With current hashtags from the trends, you can sometimes get a lot of hits very quickly – provided your content corresponds to the topic. Other hashtags are always popular and are therefore also popular as a search term: Of course, the hashtags in English are at the top, as they enable worldwide access. #Love has established itself as the top hashtag. Hashtags that revolve around fashion topics are also high up among the top hashtags. These include the keywords #fashion, #beautiful and #style. The hashtags #photooftheday, #picoftheday, #instadaily and #instagood are also very popular on Instagram.