Heaven in English


There are various meanings linked to the concept of heaven, which comes from the Latin caelum. One of the most common uses of the term refers to the atmosphere, the sphere that appears to be blue and that surrounds the Earth and space where the Sun, stars, planets and satellites are located.

For example: “Look at the sky! There is passing a shooting star “, ” When people looked up and looked at the sky, nobody could believe what their eyes saw “, ” The sky is covered with clouds: I think a storm will break out in the next few hours.

It should be noted that the color of the sky arises from diffuse radiation, which is the interaction of sunlight with the atmosphere. The usual thing is that the sky exhibits tones close to blue, red and black.

However, it should not be forgotten that, on a colloquial level, the term sky is also used to refer to the upper part of a number of other things. Thus, for example, we frequently use the expression “the roof of the mouth” to refer to what the palate is.

And in the field of construction there is also the concept of “low ceiling”. This is used to mention all the roofs of the different buildings that are characterized mainly by the fact that they are absolutely flat and smooth. Although there is also what is called “open roof”, which is a roof that does not have any type of cover.

But there is still more. The expression “cry to heaven” is also used very frequently. When it is said that something cries out to heaven, it is trying to convey that that something is very scandalous.

In the realm of religion, heaven is the place where gods, angels, and human souls not condemned to hell live. This means that, after death, people who lived according to God’s commands go to heaven.

According to DigoPaul, the graphic representations show the sky above the earth, even as a space between the clouds. On a symbolic level, heaven is a place of eternal happiness where the soul is in a state of fullness and in direct contact with God.

In addition, it should be noted that there are interesting books that use the term heaven as part of their title. This would be the case of the work “The test of heaven”, which is the work of the neurosurgeon Eben Alexander. This is a doctor who has taken advantage of the experience of suffering a stroke to make known what lies beyond death.

Another work that follows the same line is the one entitled “The sky is real.” It is a narrative that tells the near-death experience that a four-year-old boy had after undergoing a serious surgical operation.

Finally, Heaven can be an affectionate nickname to name a very dear person: “Do you want to marry me, my heaven?” , “I will always be by your side, my dear.