Hot Watch: the Smart Clock You Can Use Your Hand As An Accessory

Many companies are promising smart watches for years to come. This includes Apple and Samsung, which are two of the biggest names in technology today. But it’s not just these companies that are involved in this type of project. An excellent example is the PHTL — a small startup, based in the State of Texas, in the United States — which is raising funds for the Hot Watch.

It is an independent clock as described in, which integrates directly to smart phones and ensures quick access to various functions. This includes receiving notifications of applications, text messaging and even the call — as shown in the video, just leave your hand next to the ear so that the call is met. According to the developers, the hand also serves to carry the audio from the watch to the ears.

The rationale for the creation of the design is fairly simple: Smartphones are essential nowadays, but are expensive and are getting bigger. Every time you have to catch them, there is a risk of breakage, loss or theft. Hold the phone close to the head for the links is also suspicious of cause risks related to the influence of radiation on health. “.

And in addition to simple, this justification also appears to be very convincing. The Hot Watch is raising funds on Kickstarter and aimed to get the sum of $150,000. Today, we have 31 days for the project to be closed, but the initial goal has already been reached. And folded. That’s right, it’s more than $300,000 obtained by PHTL. Does the device have commercial success?