How Do I Change the Mobile Phone’s Letter?

There are a few ways to change the font style in Android, but the method used will depend on the brand of the smartphone or tablet you own. If you have a Samsung or LG device, many models of these brands comes with a selection of fonts and an option in Settings to change the font style. If you have a different brand or smartphone, such as Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC or others, you can still change your font style with a little help from an initialization application.

How Do I Change the Mobile Phone's Letter

Change the letter of the phone on Samsung devices

Samsung has the most robust source options pre-installed. Samsung has a built-in application called FlipFont that comes preloaded with several font options. To change your font on most Samsung models, go to Settings -> Display -> Font Style and select the font you would like to use.

In newer models, font options are found in a slightly different location. In these newer templates, the most common way to change your font is Settings -> Display -> Screen Zoom and Fonts -> Font Style and select the desired font and touch Apply.

Additional font styles are also available for download on Google Play. The extra font styles released by Monotype for download, the company behind the FlipFont application, and generally charge a value per source.

There are also a number of source set downloads by independent developers for use with the FlipFont app listed on Google Play, however, many of them no longer work after the changes implemented by Samsung on most models, in addition to updating the Marshmallow version . The most commonly cited reason for this block of third-party source packages is a copyright problem. Samsung Galaxy devices can also download fonts from the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Change mobile phone source on LG devices

Many LG phones and tablets come with the ability to change your pre-installed font. Here’s how to do it on most LG models:

Go to the settings.

Tap Display.

Then scroll to the font type to choose the available fonts.

When you find one you want to use, touch it to turn on that font.

Additional sources are available for download through the LG SmartWorld application. To download the application from LG’s website, you’ll need to change your security settings to allow applications to download from “unknown sources,” that is, from anywhere other than Google Play. To do this:

Go to Settings and touch Security.

Check the box for unknown sources.

A warning window appears to let you know that this option can make your device vulnerable.

Click OK, and then close the settings.

After you download the application and the fonts you want, you can change this security setting by following the same path and unchecking the Unknown Sources box.

Change font for mobile on other Android phones

For most other brands of Android phones that are not Samsung or LG, the simplest and safest way to change font styles is to use an Android launcher / launcher application. Although there is another way, it is much more complex and requires changing files in the operating system directory. It also requires you to download an application that root to your device or provide access to protected operating system files.

In most cases, the root of your phone or tablet will void your device warranty and may cause other problems with device performance. Do it at your own risk

The main difference when using an initializer application compared to a preloaded font feature such as the LG and Samsung font features is that messages and main menus will have the new font selected, but will not normally work an application as a text messaging application. And not all boot applications offer the option to only change the font style. Some require downloading theme packages to work with the initiator to access fonts and you may have to apply the entire theme to make the change.

We have chosen two launchers that allow you to change fonts for you to choose. Startup applications need to assume as their default home screen to consistently display font changes. When you open a launcher application for the first time, your phone or tablet should prompt you to select whether you want to use it from the Once or Always screen. Select Always for lanuncher to work correctly. You can also change this by going to Settings -> Device -> Home screen and selecting the launcher application you are using.

Changing the font style with the Apex Launcher

The Apex Launcher is available on Google Play. Once you have downloaded and installed the Apex Launcher application, it should automatically add two icons to your Apex Menu and Apex Settings home screen. To change your source:

Click on Apex settings.

Then choose Advanced Settings.

From this menu, select Icon Settings and Icon Font.

The Icon Font screen shows a list of available fonts. Select the desired font and automatically update the icon labels on your phone.

Unfortunately, this will not change the font within other applications, but will give the home screen and application menu a new look.

Changing font style with GO Launcher Z

GO Launcher Z can also help you change your font style, but the same limitations apply to other boot applications. If you are familiar with startup applications, you may have heard of the GO Launcher EX, which is the previous version of GO Launcher. There are still some themes and language packs compatible with the EX version on Google Play.

After downloading and opening the application, slide your finger up in the home screen to display the GO Launcher menu icons.

Click the icon with the key called GO Settings, which will open the Preferences menu.

Once in the Preferences menu, touch Source.

Then choose Select Source. This will display a window of available fonts.

Before you select a font, first touch Scan Font in the lower right corner of the Fonts window. The application will then search for any font package already on your phone as part of the system files or even other applications. When the application finishes scanning your phone and other applications for fonts, you can scroll through the screen and select the font of your preference by tapping the circle next to it. The new font automatically applies to your phone’s labels and icons.

You will probably see multiple duplicates in the source list of different applications, as many applications use the same set of default fonts.

How do you do to change the sources of the cell phone? Which apps do you prefer to use?