How to Get Mobile Coverage to Roskilde Festival 100,000 Visitors

Web TV: When over 100,000 festival guests must use smartphones makes it great demands on mobile networks. Look here, what is being done, to get music and mobiles to swing.

Mobile coverage for calls, SMS and, not least, the data has been a focus point for organizers of the Roskilde Festival, particularly in light of last year’s mobile chaos, where it’s customers, in a whole week stood with a disastrous mobile experience.

No telcos would anger customers, and have promised better coverage this year. Our siter is also brought out with extra equipment, while  our site covers Roskilde Festival with 4 g.

In the following web-TV feature gives you insight into what it takes, when 100,000 people at a festival, must be on Facebook, SMS, calls and Twitter all at once.