How to Pack a Sleeping Bag in a Backpack

In one of our previous articles, we advise you to choose the right sleeping bag. Now let’s look at how a sleeping bag and care as quickly and efficiently pack.

Sleeping bag compose or upset?

You may be surprised, but the sleeping bag into a container really cram. Careful stacking namely looks better, but for insulating fiber is harmful. Folding leads to their deterioration, and thus reduces the life of sleeping bags.

It is best to pack a sleeping bag stuff anyhow, and after returning home he immediately exploded what is the best camping air mattress.

Sleeping bag at home on a clothes hanger

Sleeping bag from a store taking with carefully packed in the travel package, which gives the impression that it has to be hidden at home. Sleeping however, should be inside the package as possible. If a jam-packed in the container, the insulating fibers are excessively loaded and quicker wear.

If you want the sleeping bag long endured, keep the following tips.

Unfold sleeping bag on the floor or you hang on a hanger. Most sleeping bags have loops, for which you can easily attach the bag, so it would not be a problem. Thus prepared hide the sleeping bag in a dry place. Although it takes more space, but it’s worth it.

The sleeping bag should take care during camping

Proper care of your sleeping bag deserve even during camping. Upon arrival at the destination it remove from the travel package to scoop up its volume. In the morning always properly ventilate and allow to dry. If you drive from place to place and remounting if sleeping bag compression straps, do so only as long as necessary.

Ventilate sleeping bag open.

How to wash a sleeping bag to last longer

Sleeping bag, especially one widely used, faces from time to time dirty stains and odors. Internal dirt can be prevented by using inserts into the sleeping bag , sleeping bag that not only protects against pollution, but also represents another layer of insulation. It is useful from a health perspective.

Against external contaminants but does not defend very well. Small stains can be cleaned with a sponge dipped in soapy water, larger ones require no washing machine.

Before washing your first check whether your sleeping bag can really fight, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Frequent washing of sleeping bags is not recommended, because it impairs the insulating properties.

Before washing, turn on all zippers, including dry, to avoid damaging the fabric. Sleeping Wash separately. We recommend using liquid detergent, preferably special agent who can advise you in the shop with sports equipment. Sleeping bag wash on gentle program and allow it to rinse that washed up all the powder. When the machine can let off steam, remove the bag and horizontally to unfold dryer. Thus let it slowly dry. Do not rush and do not put a sleeping bag on the heater.