How to Style Leather Leggings Casual

You love them or you hate them – the skintight leather leggings. Already in the 80s, she was loving worn like to baggy sweaters or tops with shoulder pads and under skirts allowed to them hervorblitzen confidence. Who do they like it may be one of the classics include in closet, next to a white shirt and jeans. The leather leggings is super fashionable and to even comfortable. You can also combine a lot easier than it might initially give the impression and as Basic in a Outit really practical and versatile, as we will introduce you cheap plus size leggings free shipping here:

Everyday leather

In terms of convenience and comfort, the leather leggings is far ahead and in black allows the leather leggings best combined with everything. Locker and casual is a white T-shirt that is in contrast to the skintight leggings rather wide cut. One should only make sure that you choose a not too flashy shell because the leggings alone is a real Blikfang. To this combination fits a parka, because that matches the casual, wide upper part and keep you warm. A denim shirt or an open arobluse form with the leather leggings a cool base in order to go through the day. In order not to remain barefoot, but combines a pair of comfortable sneakers, best models, where you can see your ankles!

Respectable office

The classic leather leggings model is naturally black, but there are also more elegant models incream or brown. By discreet earthy one still looks cool but not quite as flashy as in black and much classier. Thus, the leather leggings is also suitable for the day at the office and the accessories must not only but must this be something fancier than a checked blouse. A white long blouse or tunic in matching colors do well to send high-heels. In yet quickly a trench coat or an A-line coat and then you can already stressful day at the office ready to go!

On the leather leggings, Party, Los!

The week is behind us and now follows the relaxed part of the weekend! This period in the week is the actual habitat of leather leggings and we can only really there erlebem in action. Besides black, brown and cream leggings shines even in a metallic finish, with sequins, rivets, zippers or bright colors. Among the most eye-catching Party Leather Leggings should keep the rest of his outfit again discreetly, so as not to look as if you just go to the carnival. A simple top, a small shoulder bag or a clutch, this high-heels and you lay out a dazzling appearance on the dance floor.

It is always advantageous when the tops that her combined with leather leggings reach over your butt, because the leggings is not a substitute for proper adequater pants or jeans. So always pay attention to the length of your tops! Maybe you have a taste for leather leggings in one way or another variation found!