HP And Michael Bastian Create Chronowing, More Clock Than Smartwatchc

HP is very mobile in recent days, presenting new proposals in different fields, such as the new Android tablets , the original “computer” Sprout, or the clock that we show you in this news.

The approach to the world of smart watches is not the same as ons we found with Android Wear, or the Apple device. The product responds to the name of MB Chronowing.

No applications, no touch screen. In MB Chronowing we have a clock with notifications

Instead of creating an operating system and designing the clock around it, HP people have partnered with designer Michael Bastian to create an elegant watch, which then incorporates technology.

Technology that makes it smarter-it communicates with our smartphone-starting with a monochrome LCD that shows us notifications with messages, calendar, time, or even the bag. Time information is always present.

The watch does not have touch screen, nor microphone, the way to interact is based on three buttons on the side. One of its highlights-without being outstanding – is autonomy, which happens to be seven days.

The MB Chronowing comes to market on November 7, with a basic model in which the belt is made of leather, and the casing is made of stainless steel. Its price is $ 349.

There will also be a more exquisite version in materials, with black casing, sapphire crystal on its front surface, and crocodile strap. Its price, 640 dollars.