Innovation N: Hydaway, Reusable Water Bottle

It doesn’t take up much space, and it can be carried in the backpack without ning n problem.Adem s has been manufactured with a pl plastic that doesn’t smell or taste to the water that they drink, of advising freshness.

During a trip as independent products developer, to Niki Singlaub is it occurred to deb to Dise ar a container pr practical which stay hydrated to any climate and altitude. Sali Ah the concept of Hydaway, a foldable bottle that can be flattened out after use and stored in a pocket.

Singlaub, m s that an inventor, is an innovative engineering studies to focused in the design, development, construction n and launch of new products.

“I was looking for a durable bottle. I was surprised that actually I couldn’t find anything similar to the Hydaway bottle by ah “, said Singlaub.

Foldable bottle can hold up to 600 milliliters, elaborate est of Silicon suitable for food use and can be folded up to not measure m m s of 3.2 cents when not is est using.

Hydaway is til not only for athletes but also for travellers, as they can drink water prior to pass through security control, fold it and store it in your pocket.

Adem s, is a contribution to the health of the planet n, because every minute 90,000 pl plastic bottles are thrown away in the world.

His idea liked so much that in a few as they have managed to overcome in multiplied its goal: 200,000 Lares to be able sell collapsible bottles. In particular, m s of 4,400 people have supported the idea, that is lanz on kickstarter.


Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottles Kickstarter Campaign

Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottles Kickstarter Campaign