iPhone-Customer Loyalty Is Decreasing

Apple’s customers have always been very loyal, but a new report shows that this loyalty is decreasing.

A new report from analyst firm Strategy Analytics shows that loyalty with iPhone owners is decreasing, which means when choosing new smartphone, as a growing proportion of them will look for other brands than Apple.

This is the first time that the House has registered a declining loyalty analysis with iPhone-users, even though they regularly conducts opinion polls.

Worst is it in Europe, where only 75 percent say they would buy an iPhone again next time, this figure was a year ago at 88 percent.

The trend is the same in the United States, though less marked. 88 percent now will buy here again once to change iPhone smartphone, against 93 percent last year.

Strategy Analytics justifies the fall with all the bad publicity that has been in the recent past-among other things with Apple Maps, lacquer-problems and lack of 4 g-support anywhere in Europe.