Iphone In Belgium Completely Without Netlock To Buy!

Why it’s good to have a Belgian girlfriend…
As is generally known, the worldwide sale of the latest Apple gadget will start on Friday. In the run-up there were many discussions regarding the pricing and the fact that every iPhone is blocked by Netlock for other networks destroyed so many a dream of a reimport.

This netlock is also applied to the “free” offers in the UK, Switzerland, Italy, etc., for the iPhone a higher price is estimated. But a small country resists the Apple doctrine, the speech is from Belgium. By law, it is prohibited to use corresponding switching transactions in the mobile communications sector. As the “Gazet van Antwerpen” reported today , the iPhone will be sold in the country of fries without Netlock. Although Mobistar has the exclusive rights, a big deal will not be made at a price of EUR 525 (8GB) and EUR 615 (16GB), since subsidizing prices is not permissible. What does this mean? Anyone who purchases an iPhone in Belgium can do so without a contract and operate the phone in any network of their choice.

There is a catch, however, as according to the French model, only Belgians are allowed to buy a device. Good if you like a Belgian girlfriend. At this point, of course, I can promise nothing, but maybe I will be able to test a free iPhone over the weekend, also depends a little on the management, whether a test device may be purchased;-).

Update: As I just read at fscklog , there will only be 250 copies (over 10 million inhabitants) in Belgium, but thousands will follow in the next few days. We will see…

Update No. 2 of 9 July 2008: Brief interim information, the OK on the part of the management, we have. My girlfriend will therefore go on the hunt for an iPhone on Friday morning and then arrive in the evening here in Dresden. Whether the Hatz will be crowned with success will be shown (see 1st update), in any case already a fat thank you for the courageous use to my goodest:).