Kantar July 2015: Android and Apple Always First in Sales

As usual, Kantar published the new monthly report on the prevalence of various operating systems for mobile devices on the main world markets.

From last month, in General, continues the trend slightly negative of Android, which still loses a few percentage points in favor of iOS and Windows. In some markets, however, the situation is reversed with Android which recovers ground on iOS. As always, it is 1 or 2 percentage point fluctuations. The positions are generally well established.

As regards Italy, the situation remains basically unchanged. Android is first, followed by great posting from Windows Phone, and a little further down there is iOS. This month’s changes are of the order of the “zero point” percentage points.

As if there was need to be reminded here, Apple and Samsung are the undisputed leaders of sales. The two companies alone make up 64% of the products sold, and 9/10 of the ranking of the best selling device ever (the rest is from LG). Also note that Xiaomi that retrieves the top of the leaderboard for the manufacturer in China.

I mean, big news there are in any industries, at least in the immediate future. But some considerations put “green Robot” in a potentially delicate situation. There are many customers who migrate from Android to iPhone (9% in USA, as many as 27% in Europe), which leads to predict a further decline in market share to Google.