KitchenAid and Nespresso in Sweet Leaf Home

You know we love and are addicted to fresh news, neh? Painted news, here we come! But the hotter (and rewarding!) is hearing from our readers how much Luxury hunch helps and facilitates the life of each one, since this is a place where we share tips for all tastes, styles and budgets. This is priceless … we were too happy every time we know blog readers who give us positive feedback!!! And since our mission is to keep you tuned in tuuudo good that rolls around, today more a super novelty: the arrival of KITCHENAID in Campo Grande (MS) and the launch of the new NESPRESSOcoffeemaker, U Milk, in SWEET LEAF HOME!

Since 1919, KITCHENAID is a reference in the creation of quality products, precision, high performance and timeless design. There is no woman who does not dream of and want to have a KitchenAid in your kitchen. As the retro fashion came back with everything, the unique design of the mark fell in taste for decoration and became the object of desire of many people, among those who like to cook and between those who simply make it a point to always have the best. In Campo Grande (MS) you find KitchenAid products with exclusivity in SWEET LEAF HOME and know what’s best? The price is fixed at the level of Brazil, namely, price equal in all stores! No buy out huh guys, let’s honor our local businesses! Hehehehehe! In addition, the SWEET GRASS HOUSE also has just received new NESPRESSOcoffeemaker, U Milk, in the colors Black and Cream. Modern and innovative design, the new coffee maker Nespresso U was made for you! She has water tank and support modular Cup with Tactile touch Interface with 03:Ristretto (25 ml), Espresso (40 ml) and Lungo (110 ml). Hot or cold milk froth and manual preparation of Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato. Eliminates the need to push buttons, in addition to storing the extracted coffee measure more often! Gentyyy is tuuudo good …. we’re gone! We want urgent all this in our homes! kkkkkkk

We were invited by the SWEET GRASS HOUSE to participate in an afternoon of wine tasting last night in the store and we check out closely all news. The Chef Paul Vasconcelos was also there and taught to make a dough recipe and green juice using the KitchenAid utensils. Result? Was tooop d +++ … love!

Check out our flashes and fall in love!

The Chef Paul Vasconcelos red-handed, testing the mixer Stand Mixer and Blender polycarbonate, the KITCHENAID…

Those who love coffee (like us!) can only check the news from NESPRESSO that just arrived at SWEET GRASS HOUSE. Your choice U Milk in the colors black or cream, the machine that you drink coffee with milk.

Hmmm … gave mouth-watering … coffee break agoooraaa … kkkkkkkkkk!

In the SWEET GRASS HOUSE you can find several models of NESPRESSOcoffee makers.

Showww … we have our “wishlist” in SWEET LEAF HOME… accept gifts!

Remembering that the FENNEL HOUSE makes list of gifts for bridal shower, tea Bar and marriage! #ficaadica

Write down the address of the shop:

Avenida Afonso Pena, no. 3644, Campo Grande/MS.


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