Leaked: Pebble Smart Watch Comes in Metal

If you have waited until now to buy Pebble-Agency due to material-choice so there would soon be good news on the way.

Smart clock from Pebble, who will soon have a dedicated App Store, has until now been produced in plastic. It has probably also held many from buying smart clock, which immediately seems cheap, just due to material-choice.

There must be an end, since the sequel to Pebble-Agency is leaked, and will come in metal. It writes our site.

As the pictures suggest, then there will be both a version in brushed steel and one in matte black. In addition, it is expected that the Agency will be able to buy strap as accessory in both metal and leather. According to our site so that the price will rise by around 100 dollars, and the Agency therefore be on hand at the end of the month.

So far, of course, we are waiting for a public launch of the successor at CES later this week.