LED Light Tube Can Be Shortened For Individual Lighting Projects

The effect of an area depends not only of the institution, but also strongly influenced by the lighting. It is homely and cosy with indirect light. A LED light tube and a few clips comply with little effort, great effect already, to implement a simple, indirect lighting solution-.

Large Selection

There’s LED light tubes not only in many different colours, but also with colour change and control via remote control and completely ready for connection with power cord and plug are, their installation is very easy. Efficient LED technology of this lamp is another big plus, because this the Stromverbrach in good light is very low. Here aceinland presents three variants how to build at home even indirect lighting with LED light tube-ascending according to/effort of degree of difficulty.

LED Light Tube Clip Easy-Using Clips

The easiest way is to attach the LED light tube by using clamps on the shadow gap of suspended ceiling, wall or ceiling. The bracketsare screwed to underground. Then, the hose is gently pressed in the brackets of the clips until it clicks into place. Now connected to the socket and is done the LED lighting.

For A Fitting Without Sagging: LED Light Tube In Guide

Will you clean just lay his light installation, Rails made of aluminium or plastic are offered. While light transparent (UV-resistant) plastic mouldings in all directions, Aero bars suitable for the illumination of a selected range, since only one side is “light-open”. Thus, Aero bars are usually the first choice for furniture, cabinets, TV walls or ceiling tiles.

Plastic and aluminium Rails-be attached depending on the surface-with nails, glue or screws.The pipe is simply clipped into the rail. End caps, which are available in the trade form the ordinary end.

Individual: LED Light Tube Behind Improvised Wooden Panel

You moved the light tube in a self-constructed box disappears the LED light tube not only behind. You can delete the box later in the room colour or paper, so that he barely noticed.This is the body behind the Panel, the light radiates warm and gently sideways move up or move down, what ensures a particularly harmonious atmosphere.

In the first step, it takes the box. It is composed of two 10 cm in width and a 5 cm-wide strip of wood in 1 cm thickness and desired length in U-shape and screwed. A continuous strip of wood in the front corner of the Interior can be glued to the stabilization.

Then, mounting brackets to the bottom of the box are attached at regular intervals. In their holders, the LED light tube is engaged in the next step. The finished lightbox is now attached to the wall or placed-connection plug into the wall socket and you’re ready.