LED Mountain Bike Lights Review

If you are traveling in the darkness on a bicycle, then it comes down to one thing most other security.
Certainly one is only when one is seen by other road users.
In order to ensure that there is on the market a plenty of offers of bike lights.
particularly well known are halogen lamps and LED bike lights.
Both types have advantages and disadvantages, which are explained below.

LED Mountain Bike Lights Review 1

What is an LED bike lights?

LED is an abbreviation of light-emitting diode and describes a semiconductor element, corresponding to the electrical properties of a diode. This diode emits by electrical current Removing this can be done in the LED bicycle lights both on the transformer and an integrated rechargeable battery.
Initially LEDs were used merely as lights, now the light output is so large that the small diodes as potent light source serve of ebicyclelights – for example in LED bike spoke lights.

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LED bike lights or halogen?

The LED bike lights provides against the halogen models some advantages, there are also disadvantages.
Advantage of LEDs is the high light output with low power consumption.
In addition, the light from the LEDs affects even the lamp is hereinafter briefly powered by the transformer with electricity and you are in stand so you do still for a short while light.
in addition, the LED bicycle lights not immediately clear from this weaker lamps, but gradually darken wird- one has with defective lamps still a little residual light.

In the acquisition LED bike lights is more expensive than it is the halogen lamps,
also can occur when LEDs of inferior quality to disturbances in extreme heat or extreme cold.
Apart from this, the light from the LEDs extremely garish Being oncoming vehicles or passersby might be blinded.

The halogen lamps offer a number of advantages:
the halogen lamps have an extreme, pure white light output-
whether as a taillight or headlight forward on the handlebars, the radiant light of the halogen lamp is not to be overlooked.
Exchange also halogen lamps are very cheap to buy and easy.

Downside is that halogen lamps are extremely susceptible to failure upon impact or vibration.
Especially with cyclists who are on the ground like driving, the halogen lamps tend quickly to failures.
For athletes, these lamps are therefore less suitable.

LED Mountain Bike Lights Review 2

LED bike lights – brands or NoName?

Manufacturer of LED bike lights, there are now many, since the LED technology the halogen technology displaces more and more due to predominant advantages.
To look good to become can-and seen, however, it must not necessarily be the well-known, expensive brand manufacturers.
The LED bike lights of Sports Direct, for example, a rather small manufacturer whose LED is bike lights cheaper than the lamps of brand manufacturers Büchel, come in the test for similar good Results- but cost significantly less.
who still on the branded product could not live without, which are well-known manufacturers such as Sigma Sport, Busch & miller or Smart available.