Lensbest Everyone Has a Glasses Face!

Which glasses suit my type? Cobra, overachiever, couch potato? Long gone are the days when you took the glasses only in case of emergency from the Pocket! There’s hardly an accessory that underlines the style and personality of its wearer or his carrier in a better way than a pair of glasses! For this reason, it is today much more than just a visual aid. It has become part of fashion.

The Women’s Glasses As A Fashion Statement

A pair of glasses can complete a look or completely change. It is to the reputable business partner are their wearer a day and turns them on the following day in a beautiful style icon. Women know this and take advantage of the influence that a perfectly selected glasses can exert on her outfit – and on your mood.

The Man And His Glasses

that was a very pragmatic issue long time. The glasses had to sit comfortably, allow a good view and if possible keep for ten years the next. It had little to do with fashion, style and personality. The times have changed. The modern man knows how to use his glasses. As a fashion accessory that completes his look, but also as a statement of competence and strength of enforcement in everyday business life. The perhaps best argument for a new pair of glasses: Women are attracted to men with glasses!

Find The Perfect Glasses

This works in just a few steps! Who knows his face shape, combines this information with hair color and personal style and it’s easy to find the perfect frames. Meanwhile, there are many online tools that help in the search for the ideal glasses. At Lensbest for example, you can click within a few steps of the glasses Advisor and receives at the end of a selection of glasses that fit to the own type. It is highly entertaining, to choose the interactive consultant movie at Lensbest and to the perfect glasses have there with prominent support and wonderfully crazy entertainment.

The Face Shape Will Decide The Shape Of The Glasses

Anyone looking for the perfect glasses, should know be sure his face shape.Because depends on you, what form should have the ideal frames. Anrectangular/oval face, which is narrow and long, stands almost every type of glasses. Wayfarer, CatEye or panto version, with this face shape you have free choice. Who, however, has a round face with soft contours and wide cheek area, should choose necessarily a square version, which gives the face contour and divided it beneficial. Also a Wayfarer version matches the round face. The heart-shaped face with broad forehead, high cheekbones, and a small pointed chin needs glasses, which follows its form and emphasises the upper half of the face. The classic Wayfarerbrille, a CatEye version or a square glasses with dominant upper edge are offered here.

The Hair Color Affects The Color Of Glasses

The hair color has a great influence on the choice of glasses color, because it provides the framework for the version. The aim is to decide whether the glasses should form a subtle, harmonious unit with the hair, or represent a tough, interesting contrast. Blonde hair for example very well fit glasses in pastel colors, transparent tones or light wood. Red/Brown hair, warm autumn colors look great such as green, Brown or red. Redheads should be however careful with yellow shades. A striking version in dark tones or a flashy red who has black hair, can be quite wonderful. With gray hair, it can be almost any color of glasses depending on whether one has pleasure on a fresh, colorful or a subtle look. Who has a bald head, may draw like the look on the face with a striking, colored version.

The Style Of Underline

You can perfectly underline own fashion style with a pair of glasses. StylishTrend setters love to complete their own look with an expressive frames.The version in material, shape, and color should be like extravagant. Lovers of classic elegance, however, need a spectacle frame that looks serious and suits the business outfit as well as the long evening dress. Who maintains a sporting lifestyle, will choose a cool, functional glasses, which safely protects your eyes during sports and has a sporty design.

Lennox Eyewear Glasses Including Version And Glasses Starting At €24,99

There are eyewear of mark Lennox eyewear at Lensbest by the way already cheap starting at €24,99. To any hidden additional costs, you need to worry when buying your glasses. Because the standard glass package includes following services at Lensbest: Superentspiegelte of plastic glasses (1.5) including UV protection and an extra hardening against scratches. For an additional charge you can order either a comfort or premium glass package, the thin (1.6) or extra thin (1.67) glasses and a clean coat coating contains.Still, the Lensbest includes Eyewear range of progressive lenses, workplace glasses, goggles, sports goggles, sunglasses (also for children), as well as ready-made reading glasses on PARADISDACHAT. In addition to Lennox eyewear Lensbest leads many other renowned brands such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Nike, Superdry, Calvin Klein and many more.